A Guide to China Warehouse Fulfillment


Driven by the Internet era, e-commerce has developed rapidly, orders have surged. And the global delivery business has quickly grown. Although you may deliver the parcel to your customers in the end, you must hurry to run the e-commerce business well due to many orders. Therefore, now more and more e-commerce businesses choose to hand over these orders to third-party warehousing. Next, this article will let you know about warehouse fulfillment.

Part One Why you need to choose a China warehouse

One benefit of a China warehouse is consolidating smaller orders. This benefit is also the advantage of CFC. Consolidation is an operation that facilitates supply lines, especially for specific business models. The storage (Temporary and structural) of goods in China warehouses allows storing them until new shipments arrive. It follows you to keep products in stock to reduce dependence on the factory’s lead times and decrease the risk of delayed goods supply.

  • Reduce your e-commence operating costs
  • Improve the quality of your e-commerce order services
  • Reduce your e-commerce risk
  • Expand the e-commerce market

Part Two What types of warehouses are available for you?


1.According to the warehouse scope of use

Self-use warehouse

A production or distribution enterprise may build the auxiliary warehouse. They use the warehouse to store the enterprise’s raw materials, fuel, finished products, and other goods.

Business warehouse

Some enterprises specially built a warehouse to operate storage and transportation business.

Public warehouse

The state or a competent department built a warehouse to serve the society, such as airports, ports, railway freight yards, and other warehouses.

Non-bonded warehouse

Personal companies usually run non-bonded warehouses, which mainly offer warehouse fulfillment services. Such as CFC.

Bonded warehouse

Customs use the bonded warehouse to store goods without customs formalities.


2. According to storage conditions of the warehouse

Ordinary warehouse

Refers to the warehouse used to store items without special storage requirements.

Warehouse with temperature requirement

Refers to the warehouse used to store items that require thermal insulation, refrigeration, constant humidity, and constant temperature.

Special warehouse

Usually refers to the warehouse used to store flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, or radioactive items.

Controlled atmosphere warehouse

Refers to the warehouse used to store items that require control of the warehouse’s oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations.


3.By type of warehouse structure

Bungalow warehouse

The structure of the one-story warehouse is relatively simple, the construction cost is cheap, and the manual operation is more convenient.

Building warehouse

A building warehouse refers to a warehouse with two floors or above, which can reduce the land occupation area and be mechanized or semi-mechanized for entering and leaving the warehouse. In terms of operations, high-rise warehouses are mainly controlled by electronic computers, which can realize mechanized and automated processes.

Tank warehouse

The tank warehouse has a particular structure and is spherical or cylindrical, and is mainly used to store oil, natural gas, and liquid chemicals.

Simple warehouse

A simple warehouse has a simple structure and low cost. It is generally a temporary substitute method when the warehouse is insufficient.

Part Three How to choose fulfillment warehousing

1. Warehouse fulfillment price

It is essential to pay attention to pricing to avoid any hidden fees. Choosing the fulfillment center-specific service is not logical if the per-order costs and additional warehouse fulfillment costs are too high. For example, you can choose CFC, CFC can make sure there is no hidden fee. Contact CFC.

2. Warehouse location

Now more and more customers are used to same-day delivery. So, the goal of a China warehouse fulfillment company is to get the products to their destination faster. If the fulfillment service provider is closer to clients, the delivery time will be shorter. When choosing a fulfillment provider for your business, it is essential to consider which China warehouse is near me?

Finding a warehouse fulfillment provider that can reach customers in the shortest time is vital. It is a good idea to search about the specific location of China warehouse fulfillment service providers. So, the warehouse fulfillment center location is crucial as it can affect both the speed and cost of your order fulfilled.

3. Warehouse fulfillment services

Shipping is a complex fulfillment process. A China warehouse fulfillment service provider should handle all of your shipping requirements. Before making sure to cooperate with the warehouse fulfillment center, you’d better look at the offered services. Each warehouse fulfillment center should offer basic warehousing and order fulfillment services. But CFC can also provide other relevant custom services, such as custom package, pick and pack, custom shipping logistics, etc.

4. Warehouse fulfillment system

System use is one of the essential factors in deciding which fulfillment service provider you choose. A good warehouse fulfillment center should be equipped with a better fulfillment system to support their daily fulfillment service. CFC has an SKU system. While the SKU system can save you a lot of warehousing processes. And the SKU system will also record your products and generate a corresponding SKU number.

5. Fulfillment center experience

Warehouse fulfillment service providers will be responsible for the client’s satisfaction. It is crucial to partner with a China warehouse fulfillment firm. CFC’s team has highly skilled individuals. They can deliver as per your requirements. Are you searching for reliable China warehouse fulfillment service providers to provide fulfillment service for all of your needs? Contact CFC today.

Part Four top 3 order fulfillment centers


1. China fulfillment center

China Fulfillment Center, also called CFC, is a China warehouse & order fulfillment center. Located in Shenzhen, China, this CFC’s warehouse location is conducive to importing and exporting goods. Meanwhile, CFC will provide the best fulfillment services. However, you need not to worry about the subsequent order processing when having order notifications. CFC will fulfill all the order fulfillment business for you!

2. Amazon fulfillment center

Amazon fulfillment center is a platform dedicated to providing order fulfillment services. Amazon’s URL is https://deliverr.com/.

3. Kroger fulfillment center

Kroger fulfillment center also is a platform dedicated to providing order fulfillment services.


Whether your e-commerce business is new or already established, a solid guide about using China warehouse fulfillment will be crucial. As your e-commerce order business grows, if you need an excellent China warehouse fulfillment center, I can recommend you CFC. I believe CFC can fulfill your order perfectly! CFC’s URL is https://www.cfulfillmentc.com/.