Box Sizes for FedEx, UPS, and USPS

Online business endeavors should oversee many different box estimates in any event while just
considering the three fundamental mail providers. Without help from anyone else, USPS, UPS,
and FedEx offer more delivery box sizes than any organization might at any point require. This
might introduce many chances for entrepreneurs, yet it can likewise be confounding.
Organizations should know their potential outcomes to pursue decisions that diminish
satisfaction costs.

Box Size and Shipping Calculations

Shipping companies bill your company based on the weight and dimensions of the boxes they ship
on your behalf. You will be charged according to the maximum weight for each carrier and the
size ranges that fall under it. To determine your shipping costs, remember that carriers may
utilize either of two types of weight. The first is the actual weight of your merchandise in pounds.
This figure particularly worries many firms when it comes to cutting transportation costs. When
determining shipping charges, carriers are not permitted to use the DIM weight of the goods if it
exceeds the actual weight. When selecting your final shipping costs, DIM weight takes
the following into account:

Packaging Box sizes options from the Major Carriers

There are various boxes accessible from each multiple carriers. We give a rundown of the expenses for
the essential boxes provided by every transporter to help you choose the most ideal for
your conveyance needs.


An assortment of delivery choices is accessible from USPS. Their level rate boxes are great for Internet business organizations
who need to deliver a ton of little things. Postal assistance offers free transportation supplies and quicker mail conveyance, which can exploit the
satisfying framework to move nearby merchandise more reasonably than other massive transporters.
Since USPS offers level rate delivering decisions, organizations who sell a ton of little, practically identical measured things generally go with them. Counsel the diagram mentioned finding whether your top-rated items qualify for the lower cost.

USPS shipping requirements

  1. When packaging each item you sell, use paddings like newspaper, Kraft paper, or
    crushed tissue paper with a unique design. Mark the outside of the package “Fragile” if
    it contains items that are easily broken. Write “Perishable” outside the package
    if you send food or other items.
  2. If the first address label were to come off, a second address label inside the package
    containing the delivery and return addresses would guarantee that the item could still
    be delivered.
  3. To seal the box, use 2-inch-wide tape to pack all of the openings. Instead of masking or
    cellophane tape, use packing tape, such as paper tape. The outside of your product
    shouldn’t be covered in paper or string.

USPS Box Type

  1. Priority Mail Express flat rate envelope with 108
  2. Priority Mail flat rate with 108
  3. First-Class Mail without specific dimensions


The way that specific box transportation sizes are accessible for organizations that require them is one
more advancement made by UPS on their site. These crate conveyance sizes are accessible for buy
from their store. Organizations ought to have the option to separate between the various size-based
transportation confines that UPS express gives requests to choose the best answers for their
prerequisites. UPS delivers these fixed-cost delivering boxes in light of the size and completion time
you want. To utilize their delivery administrations, you should know the suitable
transportation boxes for the various things you send somewhat early. UPS likewise gives tubes notwithstanding boxes for sending delicate
papers like plans and drawings. The collector
can see the defensive sacks that are incorporated with them.

UPS Shipping Requirements

  1. Use a sturdy box with secure flaps, then wrap each item in its premium padding layer.
    Instead of utilizing bubble wrap, consider using a padded envelope or a loose-fill material 3
    like crushed customized tissue paper to cover voids and stop your products from shifting
    during transit.
  2. Eliminate all shipping labels and markings from the box.
  3. Use shipping-specific packaging tape that is sturdy. UPS advises against using duct tape
    and instead recommends using nylon or plastic tape at least two inches wide.
  4. Never cover the outside of a package with thread or paper wrap.

UPS Box Size

  1. 1-100 in3 (XS)
  2. 101-250 in3 (S)
  3. 251-650 in3 (M)
  4. 651-1,050 in3 (L)
  5. 1,051-1,728 (XL)


FedEx offers an enormous determination of standard-sized conveyance boxes for different things
types. The best places to use them are retailers with a massive resolution of things in
various sizes, such as hardware store that sells televisions, gaming consoles, new chargers, PC
mouse, and substitution batteries. As per the distance, the things need to travel. They give different
level charges to actual bundle sizes. FedEx likewise sells boxes with names that are gotten from
the things they are intended to hold, like PC, instrument, and golf pack boxes. It is helpful for
Internet business organizations that offer different products to involve FedEx because it gives
many potential outcomes to vendors with sporadically measured or molded merchandise.

FedEx Shipping Requirements

  1. FedEx requires that domestic shipments be sent in solid, unbroken packaging.
  2. Reusing packaging is acceptable. Before recycling a box, be sure that all previous addresses and barcodes are thoroughly covered. You must package items with the FedEx Express logo to use the service.
  3. For heavier objects, boxes with two walls work best.
  4. Provide 2 to 3 inches of padding for fragile goods. This could be padded cardboard, foam, or paper inserts. There is also the box-in-box approach for fragile items.
  5. Print your goods’ shipping labels with FedEx’s Ship Manager. Domestic shipping labels
    must provide the weight and nature of the shipment in addition to the sender and
    destination’s names, addresses, and phone numbers.

FedEx different Size Boxes for Shipping

  1. The FedEx Envelope (9½” x 12½”)
  2. FedEx Pak (10¼” x 12¾”, 12″ x 15½”)
  3. FedEx Medium Box (11 ½” x 2 3/8” x 13 ¼”)