Top Ten China Wholesale Websites

If you are in the Chinese goods e-commerce business, then working with a quality china wholesale website is the best option. There are thousands of wholesale website in China. However, how do you find the best China wholesale website for your e-commerce? In this article, I will tell you the answer. We have researched hundreds of China wholesale websites. We compared their wholesale services, the quality of their products, and the wholesale prices. Ultimately, we have selected 10 of the most trusted China wholesale websites for you.

1. Made In China-China wholesale website


Made in China is an online world of information on Chinese products. It provides e-commerce services for domestic and international buyers of various products. Made in China aims to use the Internet to introduce China suppliers’ products to domestic and international buyers.

Made in China, a China wholesale website, faces the world and takes the promotion of Chinese enterprises as its mission. Therefore, it strives to create an excellent online business environment and has built a broader online trade platform.
As of 2020, Made in China has over 18.2 million registered members. In 2020 alone, more than 830 million people visited Made in China. The users come from more than 220 countries and regions. Made in China uncovers business opportunities and creates jobs for Chinese SMEs. And it provides various e-commerce software services to SMEs. Ultimately, the software service industry has driven and enhanced the information technology capabilities of the traditional manufacturing industry.

The andvantages of Made in China

  1. There are more than 3,800 product categories
  2. With 6 million wholesale suppliers
  3. As soon as you register your account, you can enjoy a convenient order service.
  4. Not only can you buy products in bulk, but you can also customise them to suit your needs

Disadvantages of Made in China

There is a requirement for a minimum order quantity. It is to your disadvantage if you buy smaller quantities.

2. Global Resources-China wholesale website


Global Sources is a platform that provides services for B2B. China wholesale website not only gives buyers sourcing information but also provides sellers with good opportunities to work together. Therefore, Global Sources connects China’s resources with buyers from all over the world.

The andvantages of Global Resources

  1. The suppliers found at Global Sources are first class
  2. Buyers and sellers can not only trade online but also work together offline
  3. Absolute advantage in the electronics category.

Disadvantages of Global Resources

  1. The minimum order quantity is relatively high.
  2. Then, the cost of individual sample fees is higher.


If you are a professional buyer in high demand, you can find wholesalers at Global Sources.

3. Alibaba-China wholesale website


It is no exaggeration to say you can find any item you want at Alibaba. Alibaba was the first wholesale website in China. Therefore, Alibaba’s wholesalers are very trustworthy. At Alibaba China wholesale website, you can enjoy a trade guarantee. This protection can protect the interests of buyers. Only in this way will more and more buyers trust Alibaba more.

Advantages of Alibaba

  1. No minimum order quantity. Once you buy one item, Alibaba will ship it to you.
  2. There are many product categories, and you can compare prices on different items. In the end, you can make an optimal choice.

Disadvantages of Alibaba

  1. The period for buying samples at Alibaba is longer. You will waste a lot of time costs.
  2. The quality of goods from Alibaba’s wholesalers may be substandard.

4. YiWuGo-China wholesale website


Yiwu Shopping was launched on 21 October 2012 and is an official platform for small commodities. In short, Yiwu Shopping is positioned as an online marketplace for small items. They not only move Yiwu small commodities online but also correspond to them online and offline. So it is more convenient for buyers to find goods. The China wholesale website covers almost all Yiwu small commodities markets and professional streets. As a result, the small commodities industry has produced quality suppliers.

Many small and medium-sized enterprises have also explored the online market. Yiwu Buy is tailor-made for small commodity merchants and is easy to operate. And through an intelligent traffic distribution mechanism significantly reduces the cost of e-commerce traffic.

Yiwu Shopping has become the world’s largest wholesale platform for small commodities. Currently, the Yiwu shopping platform is stationed in 50,000 merchants, with an average daily number of visitors of 800,000. The average daily browsing volume (PV) is 15 million. Registered buyers have reached 10 million, of which 10% are overseas users.

Advantages of YiWuGo

Yiwu buy China wholesale website features: first-hand sources, rich categories, and transactions are guaranteed.

  1. First-hand sources: there are 2 million small and medium-sized enterprises in the upper reaches of the service industry chain. They are backed by the “world’s largest small commodity wholesale market,” quality goods at lower prices.
  2. Rich categories: 8 million goods online, involving 26 categories, only unexpected, no can’t buy.
  3. Transaction guarantee: 360-degree panoramic shop, online and offline correspondence, relying on the integrity of the physical market advantages so that every transaction has an integrity guarantee.

5. Gearbest-China wholesale website


Gearbest’s greatest strength is the substantial financial backing it receives from Globalegrow. Every supplier on the site undergoes a rigorous qualification process. Only eligible wholesale suppliers are allowed to register an account with Gearbest China wholesale website. A diverse range of products is the competitive advantage of a wholesale website. Gearbest brings together different product suppliers to offer buyers worldwide the most comprehensive range of products.

Advantages of Gearbest China wholesale website

  1. Sourcing wholesale goods are cheap. Not only is the supply chain comprehensive, but Globalegrow has its warehouse. As soon as a buyer places an order, Globalegrow can arrange for the goods to be shipped immediately.
  2. Fast shipping. EMS, DHL, and FedEx are Gearbest’s shipping partners. Two hundred countries and territories are served. What’s more, customers in most countries can enjoy free door-to-door service
  3. 46 Warehouses Worldwide: there are Gearbest warehouses in the USA, UK, Poland, and Spain. Buyers do not need to ship out of China after placing an order. So, depending on the buyer’s location, the fastest delivery is from the nearest warehouse.
  4. Perfect after-sales service: If you are unsatisfied with the product you receive, Gearbest can contact the nearest warehouse for an exchange or other benefit.

6. LightinTheBox-China wholesale website


LightInTheBox does not only sell wholesale merchandise but also offers retail services. To better serve buyers from all over the world, LightInTheBox offers translated websites in 24 languages. Therefore, it is simple for buyers to find the items they need, no matter their country. Clothing and other daily necessities are the main product categories of LightInTheBox China wholesale website. In addition to this, a wide range of decorative items is also popular. The decorations are very well made, and buyers love them.

7. Banggood-China wholesale website


Banggood has been doing wholesale and retail services for Chinese goods since 2006. The range of products includes clothing, home appliances, and electronics. Even if you are not in business and only want to buy a minimal amount of goods for your use, it is still possible. This is because Banggood started as a website for individual consumers. Slowly, as the market grew, Banggood’s customers spread across Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. Not only can you select products through the Banggood website, but you can also purchase your products at any time via the mobile app. To date, more than 100,000 merchants have registered with Banggood China wholesale website.

8. TB DRESS-China wholesale website

Tbdress offers a wide variety of women’s clothing to buyers worldwide. All kinds of wedding dresses and gowns are lovely. Buyers from Australia, Europe, and the USA love Tbdress’s women’s clothing. If you are a shop owner selling women’s clothing, Tbdress is the best China wholesale website for wholesale women’s clothing. When you click on each women’s clothing category and browse each dress from top to bottom, you will find that Tbdress has a great range of women’s clothing. Each type has hundreds of styles and colors in short sleeves, suspenders, shorts, trousers, and more. I guarantee you will be addicted to these beautiful clothes. At Tbdress, you can not only buy women’s clothes in bulk, but they can also offer you a bespoke service. In short, when buying women’s clothing, choose Tbdress.

9. China Import and Export Fair-China wholesale website

The China Foreign Trade Centre is the trade body in charge of the Chinese government. It has been serving the trade business between China and the rest of the world for over 60 years. Organizing China’s foreign trade exhibitions every year is the main task of The China Foreign Trade Centre. They create a platform for cooperation between Chinese manufacturers and buyers from all over the world. The China Foreign Trade Centre has many products at its exhibitions, from the most miniature decorative items to the giant bicycles. So, the China Foreign Trade Centre is a time for the world’s trade partners to come together twice a year.

10. Global Sources Trade Show-China wholesale website

Global Sources is one of the world’s first B2B sourcing platforms. Every year Global Sources holds a trade show. At the exhibition, buyers and sellers from around the world come together. In the best interests of buyers, Global Sources selects Chinese wholesale goods suppliers according to strict criteria.

What to look for when buying from a Chinese wholesale website

Firstly, when you decide which website you want to buy wholesale goods from China from, try to be able to pay in advance. It is essential to confirm your purchase plan 3 months in advance. Only by paying the merchant in advance will you be able to receive your goods as soon as possible.
Secondly, it is best to submit a larger quantity of orders at a time.
In time, the manufacturer does not specify a minimum quantity, but to save on production and transport costs, you can order confidently.
Thirdly, do not settle the purchase price in one go when making payments. You can pay the manufacturer a deposit and wait until the goods have been produced before spending the rest of the final settlement.

China wholesale website have an unparalleled advantage over other countries in the world. Whether in terms of price or quality of goods, China can provide the best service.