Woocommerce vs Shopify: Faster Order Fulfillment Way


Do your shop on Shopify or Woocommerce? How do you fulfill orders from these e-commerce platforms? All the more, there is a faster order fulfillment way, and this faster order fulfillment way is a 3PL company. In the meantime, the 3PL company provides customers with a specialized company for serial distribution, warehousing, transportation, and fulfillment services. However, China fulfillment center also is a professional 3PL company. So, you can outsource the order business of the e-commerce platform to the China fulfillment center. Afterward, you can rely on the China fulfillment center to provide end-to-end warehouse management for faster order fulfillment services. China fulfillment center are an essential part of fulfillment warehousing, and the vast majority of the world’s stores in Shopify and Woocommerce use China fulfillment center’s faster order fulfillment services.

Part 1 What is Shopify?

In 2006, Shopify was a Canadian e-commerce platform founded by Tobi Lütke and headquartered in Ottawa. So, Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows Shopify sellers to manage their online stores. Simply but, everyone can quickly build any e-commerce website they want on Shopify and sell goods to the world. And then provide a full range of services, including website security, page design, sales statistics, etc. Not only that, users do not need to spend energy on software and network programming. They focus on the core business of sales.


1.Shopify Features

  • Generally speaking, design a beautiful online store for you without any computer knowledge
  • Choose from hundreds of professionally designed web theme templates suitable for various industries.
  • Create or customize your web theme.
  • Therefore, most of the website themes are responsive and compatible with mobile phones and other devices of all sizes.
  • The user requires no programming.
  • Meanwhile, fast and flexible HTML and CSS editing functions are convenient for customers in need to modify/personalize their theme pages and parts based on the theme.
  • A powerful API interface is convenient for enterprise users to customize secondary development to enhance the functions and services they need.

2.Build and operate your Shopify store with ease

  • Comes with a full-featured website content management system and a high-quality blog.
  • Create a beautiful, usable store and start taking orders in minutes.
  • Easily manage customer details and categories.
  • Installing Shopify apps can complement the functionality of your online store or theme.
  • Manage your online store from anywhere on your phone with the Shopify Mobile App.

3.Secure shopping cart accepts credit card payments.

  • Firstly, offer your customers a choice of over 80+ payment providers worldwide.
  • Secondly, you can choose to use a 3PL company to provide you with order fulfillment services. Fast and easy customer checkout process.
  • Built-in SSL certificate to ensure transaction security.
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies.

Part 2 What is Woocommerce?


WooCommerce provides the basic tools to build various e-commerce businesses, and users can also add a range of specific and advanced features using hundreds of WooCommerce-compatible plugins and extensions. In a word, WooCommerce Booster provides users with a hundred modules to customize their WooCommerce store, the only WordPress plugin that can improve your site and store.

1.Unlimited global hosting services

  • Compliant with Tier 1 Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.
  • Ensure 99.94% uptime of your online store without maintaining it yourself.
  • Ultra-fast servers so that customers worldwide can quickly access your Woocommerce store.

2.Provide you and your customers with the convenience of mobile online shopping

  • Download Woocommerce’s iOS app to monitor the performance of your online store.
  • When your online store is designed with a mobile-optimized theme, you and your customers will be able to manage and visit your online store from their mobile phones.

3.Let the world know about your online store.

  • Set up and optimize the Google search engine in a few simple steps.
  • It has been closely integrated with popular social software, and simple settings allow customers to make one-click purchases on social software (such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.).
  • Build a subscription system in one easy step and keep in touch with your customers via email.
  • Comes with the basic version of user behavior analysis data.
  • You can use the order fulfillment service provided by the China fulfillment center, which allows you to fulfill your order business faster.

Part 3 Woocommerce vs Shopify comparison results

Ease of useShopify stores have a simple and intuitive interface, and this e-commerce platform requires minimal technical skills.First, Woocommerce’s order fulfillment setup and faster order fulfillment management are cumbersome. Second you need a WordPress site and need a WooCommerce plugin so you can build a store on your e-commerce platform.
Functionality and customizabilityShopify includes an entire ecosystem of business tools for online and in-person sales, such as local delivery, online payments.However, you can fully customize the theme of the store on the e-commerce platform. Apart from that, most of the stores on the e-commerce platform require plugins and apps.
Apps and IntegrationsShopify has thousands of free and paid native and third-party apps that enhance every aspect of running your e-commerce business.WooCommerce can provide thousands of free and paid apps for e-commerce platform stores, but at the same time you need a lot of updates.

Part 4 Faster order fulfillment way

1.Why do e-commerce sellers need to use the faster order fulfillment services the China fulfillment center provides?

Lots of orders

Not only that, the epidemic, international shipping congestion, tariffs, and now the shortage of raw materials are all obstacles that e-commerce sellers must overcome. The problem of order delivery exacerbates the burden on e-commerce sellers. All the more, the fast delivery ability of e-commerce sellers cannot even keep up with consumer demand.

Uncertain logistics

As a rule, when the warehouse of the e-commerce seller is located in the local market, but it is tens of kilometers away from the nearest sales and distribution center, there are also obstacles to the e-commerce logistics.

Low delivery timeliness

Another challenge is shipping large and heavy, high-value items. This challenge is especially true, as consumers ordering large and heavy items online expect the same delivery experience as small packages—quick, convenient, and easy to track—and they also require additional add-ons, such as home assembly or installation. Therefore, you need a faster order fulfillment response to consumer expectations.

2.The benefits of China fulfillment center service

To overcome these challenges, e-commerce sellers in Shopify and Woocommmerce can rely on the faster order fulfillment service provided by the China fulfillment center to achieve a first-class global delivery experience with convenience, control, communication, and consistency.

Inventory visibility

Firstly, the services of the China fulfillment center can track products throughout the faster order fulfillment process and ensure that there are enough warehoused goods inside the China warehouse to fulfill e-commerce orders. By counting warehouse inventory and e-commerce platforms, warehouse personnel can locate inventory in the most beneficial way to increase intra-day sales and revenue. If you need the services provided by the China fulfillment center to check inventory in real-time, especially the China fulfillment center can accurately count the exact quantity of goods in stock.

China fulfillment center can provide this information immediately, help e-commerce sellers keep track of current product inventory, and quickly send information to customers. This can be done through a single integration of the China warehouse’s SKU. Thus, you can use the services of the China fulfillment center to fulfill your store’s large-scale faster order fulfillment needs.

Help develop your overseas markets.

Maybe, you choose the China fulfillment center. Therefore, this China warehouse has a suitable location to attract every consumer. China fulfillment center helps you optimize your overseas sales market by providing business intelligence about what consumers buy and consumer preferences through innovative technology. Thus, your order business can achieve faster order fulfillment. Although you usually don’t understand your faster order fulfillment process when e-commerce sellers use faster order fulfillment.

As a result, it can have a big impact on you. When you use the faster order fulfillment service, which can quickly and easily fulfill your order business in Shopify and Woocomerce stores. At the same time, create a quality e-commerce shopping experience for your customers. Therefore, only e-commerce sellers who know how to deliver various items when and where customers want them will be the real winners.

3.The list of faster order fulfillment services

China fulfillment center helps you improve your experience by:

  • Warehousing management
  • Order generation
  • Pick and pack
  • Repackaging
  • Logistics tracking
  • Global delivery
China Fulfillment Center


China fulfillment center also is a professional 3PL company. So, you can outsource the order business of the e-commerce platform to the China fulfillment center. Afterward, you can rely on the China fulfillment center to provide end-to-end warehouse management for faster order fulfillment services. China fulfillment center are an important part of fulfillment warehousing, and the vast majority of the world’s stores in Shopify and Woocommerce use China fulfillment center’s faster order fulfillment services. After the China fulfillment center receives the order, we support repackaging your goods for you. We cooperate with many logistics companies. You will acquire a faster order fulfillment way. At the same time, we will also provide you with logistics tracking. Contact us!