How to Buy From Alibaba

buy from alibaba

How to buy from Alibaba? Alibaba is the world’s largest e-commerce company. It is a Chinese car that deals in trade, technology, and the internet. With the help of web portals and shopping search engines, Company provides consumer-to-consumer (C2C), business-to-consumer (B2C), and business-to-business (B2B) services. Although the company is based in China, it serves about 200 countries, with 5900 diverse categories of product offerings. Alibaba group holding Limited was founded on 28 June 1999.

Alibaba Usage:

Are you interested in Alibaba wholesale online shopping? Then provides you with this opportunity. As Alibaba is a B2B platform, some purchasers and vendors can use Alibaba. Some suppliers sell fresh materials or manufactured goods. Some businessmen buy raw materials from Alibaba to prepare the final products, and others believe the finished products directly and sell them in the markets of the same or different countries. Manufacturers source products and resell them with the private labels of their own companies. 

What are the exceptional items to buy on Alibaba to resell?

Alibaba wholesale shopping online platform is a fantastic place for buyers. There are many items to purchase from Alibaba. It is the best platform for buyers as well as sellers. Moreover, Ordering from Alibaba is quite exciting and easy. Now you can check below the things you can buy from Alibaba to resell:

  • I phone Accessories: Tempered glass, Wireless Bluetooth Earphone, I phone cable, I phone case, Portable Charging Bin
  • Wireless Bluetooth earphones
  • Beautiful Necklacelabe
  • Nail Art materials and designs

Is Alibaba Safe to buy from Alibaba?

You can comfortably buy from the Alibaba website, as like other modern e-commerce websites. It is trustworthy, reasonable, safe, and secure. The payment platform is entirely secure that protects your payment through trade assurance. The secure payment portal is fantastic for buyers and sellers as several guarantees on back the transactions. Therefore, buyers can confidently use their credit card numbers and other important information, such as Alibaba safe to buy from.

You can also get a reimbursement of your payment in case you are unsatisfied with your product. You will get the time of 30 days after delivery to return your product and can claim a refund or replace your product.

The Process to buy from Alibaba:

In this article, you will learn the easy Process of buying from Alibaba. Here you will get millions of products to choose from, giving buyers flexibility and many optional choices.

The Process of buying from Alibaba or ordering from is slightly different from an online store like AliExpress or Amazon. It is a six-step, straightforward, streamlined, and liked by the buyers.

  • Make an Account
  • Explore and select products
  • comparison
  • Negotiate or Buy from Alibaba
  •  Finalize the order and make payment
  • Receive your order

1. Make an Account:

The first step is creating a free account on For account formation, you need to add some information about the account holder which usually includes:

Country/Place: fill in the information of the country you live

Trade Role: You have to submit the role for what you are making the account, such as buyer or seller; for the trade role, you will either select buyer or both. By selecting both, you can have the option of buying things from Alibaba as well as selling on Alibaba. 

Full Name: Enter your full name in capital letters, including your surname.

Email Address: Add your details for your email address for any notification or confirmation.

Company Name: Enter the name of your company

Telephone Number: At last, enter your verified phone number.

After filling in all the above details, you will be asked to create a password to make your secure profile or account on

2. Explore and Select Products:

In the second step, the time is here to search for the products of your requirement. At Alibaba wholesale shopping online center, there are two ways to find the items by a buyer: Search and Browsing the Marketplace and post an RFQ (Request for Quotation).

In both of them, you are searching for the products is much more convenient as it works like a search engine. At the search inquiry, you enter the name of the item you need and browse the results. On the other side, you can also upload the product image to perform searches effectively.

There is also a feature of sorting and filtering the results by many different criteria, including:

Supplier type, Certifications, Supplier Place, Product Type, Minimum Order Quantity or MOQ, , and Features, etc.

This feature helps the buyers to narrow down the products to meet their requirements quickly. 

3. Comparison:

At as a buyer, you will find many types of sellers for your single product need. There are three primary suppliers as Gold Suppliers, Verified Suppliers, and Trade Assurance Suppliers. Make sure to verify the suppliers as per specific qualifications and certifications first.

Gold Suppliers: At the platform, Gold Suppliers are paid members that have verified businesses of industrial and commercial capabilities.

Verified Suppliers: The third-party institutions can inspect these businesses’ profiles, management systems, production capabilities, and process control.

Trade Assurance Suppliers: These suppliers accept payments through the Alibaba payment portal.

As a buyer, you can look at the Supplier’s verified ratings to check whether their clients are satisfied with them or not. You also can message the suppliers directly if you have any doubt about their operations or other information.

4. Negotiate or Buy from Alibaba: 

If you have finalized the product, you can either negotiate with the Supplier or buy from Alibaba immediately. To close the deal, the product must be labeled as “Ready to Ship” and shows a start order button on the main page.

For choosing the perfect product, you can purchase from Alibaba minimum order as a sample. On the other hand, you can also ask for product samples, and for that, you need to place Alibaba small orders lower than the requested minimum order quantity. You will need to contact the Supplier and use the “Chat Now” tool for negotiation. It is an instant messaging tool to negotiate with sellers or for other kinds of inquiries.

For negotiation and dealing with suppliers, it is essential to contact them. Therefore, you will message the seller privately, professionally state all the requirements, and clearly state what you have to propose. With the right approach, you can close a deal that makes sense for all parties involved.

5. Finalize the order and make payment: 

Now finally, it is time to place an order. Once you know all the required details about the product you want to buy, it is time to make the payment and place the order. You are suggested to make payment through a secure payment portal, and you must keep communicating on Alibaba wholesale shopping online platform. The platform accepts the payment methods, including:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • E-checking or online bank payment
  • Wire Transfer
  • Western Union

Here, buyers also have the option of “Pay Later,” which gives buyers six months to pay for their placed order but with a minimum interest rate of 3.5%.

6. Receive your Order:

After making the payment, the final step of buying from Alibaba is receiving your products. When shipping products to other countries, buyers can use Freight for a trustworthy and transparent experience. It includes air parcels, ocean freight, and air express from mainly China to other countries.

Our Trade Assurance program will check for the Process if you pay from The shipping time varies for different products, as it will be worked out case by case, depending on the sellers. You can leave your reviews, good or bad, and decide whether or not you will use them to repurchase products in the future after receiving your order. As your one review will make a viewpoint for other upcoming buyers on the Alibaba website, it will also help the suppliers as feedback.

Tips for the worth purchasing from Alibaba

If you want to optimize your buying experience on, follow the tips below. These will help you to use all the features and resources efficiently. 

Suitable Profile:

The most important tip is to complete your profile so that the sellers show genuine interest in the deal. It assures sellers that they are dealing with a potential buyer who will stay on their side of the agreement. It would be best if you add all the truthful information to it so that sellers can easily have all the ideas about your business. And work out a bargain that works with your business need. It would help if you went in with professionalism, confidence, and reasonable asks.

You can also add a profile picture and your contact number with your alternate number if possible. Uses a professional email address, and fill in as much detail about your business, when it was established, how many employees you have, etc.

For any editing in your profile, you can log into your account, go to My Alibaba workbench and click on “My Profile.”

Efficient Search: 

If you want to choose the perfect product you need, then you must know how to use the search engine Your search inquiries will determine what sort of results you will get.

For a particular item, you can also upload an image, to be more specific. You can also see the filter option along the left side of the page, as this will help to narrow down the possibilities of search items.

Identify Sellers:

To make your Process of buy from Alibaba, It is necessary to know who you are buying from. The sellers should be trustworthy and reliable. You should read the suppliers’ information given on the Supplier’s storefront. It will provide you with an idea about the type of Suppliers, such as Trade Assurance Supplier, Gold Supplier, and Verified Supplier. Their profile will let you know what kind of company it is, where they often and primarily sell, if they offer OEM or ODM services, how long they have been selling in this market, accepted currencies, and their total annual revenue.

You can also read the ordering from Alibaba reviews about the Supplier you want to deal with. It will let you know the idea about the essential aspects of sellers.

Write efficient Inquiries:

A practical inquiry must include the basic information such as product description and specification, packaging type, Quantity of the products, product images, other important points like safety conditions and branding, etc.

You can also ask some other 

 to help you know if the Supplier is a good fit for you:

  • Price per order volume
  • Required certifications such as FDA, CE/Europe, or China Standards
  • Ship Origin
  • Shipping Terms and conditions with cost

Negotiate with Confidence:

For a successful buy from Alibaba, you must deal with sellers with professionalism, confidence, and reasonable asks to work out a deal that works with your business’s needs. Always ensure you do not offer an unreasonable price, especially if you are ordering from Alibaba 1000 units. While buying from Alibaba, you will notice that a seller may not accept your first offer, but by the day’s end, you want to ensure that the cost you choose appears legit for your business.

Ask for Samples: 

Having a physical product or sample in your hand can help buyers to determine if it is a perfect choice for their business and whether they need to put resources into a discount amount of units. If you want a customized product, or ordering from Alibaba for a large Quantity, then you also have the option of ordering from Alibaba the samples first. It will help you have an idea about the product quality before placing the large quantity order. You can also ask for further customization of the product at this stage. After finalizing the sample, it is easier for both buyers and sellers to close the deal successfully and in favor of both parties.

Therefore, knowing all the aspects and Process of buy from Alibaba shows that the platform of Alibaba safe to buy from.