How To Choose 3PL in China That Benefit Your e-commerce

I. Introduction

If you run an e-commerce business, we know that reducing operating costs is one way to profit. Third-Party Logistics (3PL) services will help you. They are one of the most critical areas of your e-Commerce operation. Meanwhile, third-party logistics will assist you in overall business growth and consumer pleasure.

II. What is 3PL

3PL is short for third-party logistics. In layman’s terms, third-party logistics helps you manage your inventory. Your inventory can be temporarily stored in 3PL. When you need to ship, they will sort and pack your goods. And then send the goods to the final customer. 3PL saves you a lot of time and energy by connecting the goods you want to sell to your customers. Moreover, The terms fulfillment center and warehouse are interchangeable when referring to third-party logistics or 3PL. Order fulfillment firms and 3PL companies provide many of the 3pl warehouse services.

Only when you have a clear idea of what 3PL can do for you can you cooperate with them better and get more benefits. Here we will explain how to select 3PL for your businesses, functions of 3PL, advantages of 3PL, and how to choose the right 3PL partner. 

III. The primary five functions of 3PL Companies

An e-Commerce fulfillment firm is a third-party logistics company. 3PL will be responsible for all the management processes of your goods before they reach the customer. Here are the top five third-party logistics services.

1. Shipping and Receiving:

3PLs transport, distribute, and track the movement of supplies, materials, equipment, parts, and inventory into and out of a company. Manufacturing enterprises, retail and wholesale businesses, and other industrial and commercial businesses employ them. 3PL chooses a shipping method and prepares invoices, bills, and other shipping papers. 

2. Transportation:

A third-party logistics company (3PL) carries items from your local or international manufacturer/supplier to wherever you need them to be. They handle all of the paperwork, work tirelessly to meet your deadlines, and do all possible to save you money. 3PL checks each incoming shipment to ensure no mild quality issues with each shipment. And we will check all relevant documents of the goods, such as invoice and inspection certificate. 3PL understands how to safely store and handle various chemicals and necessary shipping processes for dangerous goods transit.

3. Warehousing:

Warehousing is storing goods that you haven’t sold yet. These are goods that you buy from suppliers at wholesale prices, store in warehouses, and sell at retail or in small quantities. First of all, the shop owner uses warehouses to store goods in bulk. Finally, the shop owner sells the goods to customers. 3PL provides warehousing services to expand e-Commerce businesses.

The market has grown in the previous decade. as firms worldwide invest extensively in their supply chains to deliver items to consumers and businesses grow more efficiently and quickly.

4. Distribution:

Distribution means selling goods in storage to multiple buyers. All commodities are handled, dispatched safely, and maintained in the right atmosphere. 

5. Information technology:

Technological advancement in 3PL Company improves the shipping process by allowing systems to communicate directly, preventing human error and duplication of effort.

IV. Advantages of a 3PL Companies


3PL is incredibly advantageous for every business. Choosing a 3PL company with a mature system is very important to the success of your e-commerce business. When your order delivery procedures work well, your clients are satisfied, and your business develops. 

Their knowledge, best practices, and technology can be integrated into your company’s operations to handle the most complex logistics challenges and make its supply chain more responsive and flexible, which is critical in today’s volatile market.

1. Gain expertise and knowledge:

3PL Company has the best knowledge and experience in international compliance, import and export, transport paperwork, and economic rules. Businesses seeking to grow into foreign markets can benefit from their partner’s logistical expertise and knowledge, shortening cycle times, decreasing costly delays, and smoothing the transition into a new market.

2. Save time and money:

Firstly, 3PL has a more extensive network than the company department. Secondly, they give companies more influence during negotiations because they have exclusive ties in the logistics industry. ThirdlyThey can also assist clients in receiving more significant volume discounts and help to cut down on overhead expenses. 

Companies can also avoid making significant infrastructure investments by working with a 3PL company. They provide warehouse space, transportation, and tracking technology, among other things. 3PL also saves time by providing faster services than the company offers.  

3. Scale operations and be more flexible:

Another benefit of a third-party Logistics Company (3PL) is that it gives businesses the scalability and flexibility to use supply and distribution capabilities as needed. When sales are weak, there are no duplicate expenditures or wasted resources, and when demand rises, businesses can upgrade. 3PL Company works with flexibility with minimum loss to the company. 

4. Expansion:

Most companies seek outside help and expertise to run their supply chains more efficiently and achieve a competitive advantage. 3PL Company could help enter new markets, grow the company’s client base, or provide great customer experiences. 

5. Scalability:

Additionally, it means having a strategy to handle demand spikes and a plan to pull back operations when demand drops. One of the key benefits of utilizing e-Commerce order fulfillment to the competent 3PL is expanding.

6. Improve Customer Satisfaction:

3PL Company is crucial for any business stability and growth as it always provides better services with response times, increased brand reliability, and on-time deliveries. 3PL means happy consumers, which is the ultimate goal of any company.

7. Enable Business Growth and Market Expansion:

The function of a third-party logistics company is to help companies expand by allowing them to access their products to areas where they do not yet have an outlet or access. Being ready to manage and bring their stock in a new market without having to invest in equipment, warehouses, or extra staff, they can save money and the time and effort required to bring and sell their products to a new market.

8. Concentrate on organizational capabilities:

As we all know, hiring a Third Party Logistics Company allows it to focus on its key strengths rather than managing non-core yet vital operations. Without employing internal resources, the company can benefit from 3PL knowledge and experience.

V. How to choose a professional 3PL company:

A top third-party logistics (3PL) company can assist you in improving cost control, efficiency, and customer service. Not all 3PLs are equal and highly efficient. Here is the step to choose a 3 PL for your business:

  • Look for a 3PL company with the proper resources, proven processes, and the capacity to interact with your systems.
  • Your supply chain will be more smooth and flexible if you get more aid from a single provider. A perfect 3PL can customize a solution to match your demands. 
  • A professional 3PL should have an automated system.
  • Third-party logistics have the ability to solve problems.
  • Let 3PL provide you with successful customer service.

VI. Best 3PL companies in china


The remarkable thing is that there are various 3PL services in china to select from, each with its own set of skills and capabilities in terms and conditions. A smaller 3PL supplier with a more centralized location in a specific region may be preferable. However, a faster-developing company with top 3PL services can be a good fit. We will go over the best 3PL services in China in this section.

CFC(China Fulfillment Center)

China Fulfillment Center is a major 3PL Company of global logistics and order fulfillment services. It provides quick and cost-effective management solutions. You can run e-commerce businesses more efficiently. They have robust order fulfillment systems. They provide e-Commerce Companies an edge over the competition, from packing to final delivery. It has built a global warehousing and logistics network spanning more than fourteen countries. It has logistics software to connect many businesses, even on separate marketplaces like Shopify. From warehouse through last-mile shipment of products to end-users, its client-centered solution delivers a complete logistical solution.

1. China Fulfillment Center has three large warehouses in China, and we can store and manage your goods no matter how much you have.

2. We have developed our own state-of-the-art automatic warehouse management system. From the moment your goods enter our warehouse, we will systematically manage every link of the sale of goods out of the warehouse.

3. We guarantee that all your orders will be processed within 24 hours.

4. We will work out the most suitable logistics service for your goods. Ensure that every item arrives at the buyer on time.

5. We will provide you with three-month warehousing. If you are working with us for the first time, you will get a free warehousing service for the first three months. 

Conclusion of Third Party Logistics

3PL companies in china will use expertise to simplify your supply chain. You can save a lot of time and money on your budget. Choosing us is the key to the success of your e-commerce business.