How to Choose The Best China Warehouse



The development of online trading platforms has driven the rapid growth of e-commerce in the Shopify store and the warehousing industry in China. Under such a rapid development momentum, a large number of 3PL companies with uneven business capabilities will naturally emerge. Under such a vast number, there will naturally be some “bad merchants” who make up their own money. It is easy to have the poor business ability, lost goods in delivery, incidental charges, etc. This bad China warehouse leads to these inadequate evaluations of China warehouse and affects the reputation of China warehouse industry. So how can e-commerce sellers on the Shopify store avoid this situation?

What is China warehouse?

General China warehouse is 3PL warehouse. Specifically, 3PL warehouse is the 3PL warehouse between merchants and logistics, that is, contract warehousing. China warehouse refers to the subcontracting of warehousing, order fulfillment, and logistics activities by e-commerce sellers of the Shopify store to 3PL companies. Therefore th e 3PL warehouse provides comprehensive services and is also an order fulfillment center. China CFC is an order fulfillment center with a good reputation in China warehouse industry.

The 3PL warehouse is different from general rental warehouse warehousing.If the Shopify store wants to get a high level of quality and service, you can use the 3PL warehouse. Because these Chinese warehouses have a high level of design and meet the high standards and specialized handling requirements of particular commodities, if S only needs a general class of handling services, it can choose to rent warehousing.

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The 3PL warehouse is a partnership established between production enterprises and Chinese warehousing. However, it is because of this partnership that the3Pl warehouse companies. So, compared with traditional warehousing companies, they can provide cargo owners with warehousing, inventory, LCL, a complete suite of order fulfillment services such as order classification, spot inventory, in-transit mixing, inventory control, and shipping arrangements, and after-sales services.

The benefits of having a warehouse in China

Under the background of today’s increasingly intensified competition and increasingly refined social division of labor, Chinese warehouses have obvious advantages, which are embodied in:

1.Shopify store focus on core business

Since the resources of any enterprise are limited, it isn’t easy to become an expert in all aspects of the business. To this end, enterprises should concentrate their primary resources on the main business they are good at and leave auxiliary functions such as logistics to logistics companies.

2.Flexible use of new technologies to exchange information for inventory and reduce costs.

3.Reduce investment in fixed assets and accelerate capital turnover.

Shopify store self-built logistics or using Shopify platform logistics needs to invest a lot of money to purchase logistics equipment, build warehouses and information networks, and other professional logistics equipment. These resources are a heavy burden for the Shopify store, especially for SMEs who lack funds. If the 3PL logistics company is used, it will reduce the investment in facilities and free up the capital occupation of warehouses and fleets and accelerate the capital turnover.

4.Provide flexible and diverse customer services to create more customer value.

Five regional divisions of Chinese warehouse

1.Receiving area

The receiving area is mainly the area where the goods purchased by the warehouse are unloaded, accepted, and stored, generally close to the door of the Chinese warehouse.

2.Stock area

The inventory area is the warehouse’s important area, which includes the bulk region and the whole area. China warehouse staff bulked goods in the stock area. The entire area is where some large items are stacked, which you can pile on high-level shelves or on the ground. The selectors are mainly in this area when they work. Generally, staff used them to replenish the parts area. We will directly transport them from this area when there are large orders.

3.Picking area

The sorting area is suitable for S with seed picking. The seed picking is to collect multiple orders in a certain period into one, collect the quantity of the same type of goods for selection, and then carry out the picking according to the amount of each customer order. Picking processing, the pickers put them in the sorting area for secondary sorting after completing the selection.

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4.Inventry area

After the picking or sorting, the goods are packaged and placed in the collection area. The delivery driver will go to the collection area to find the goods to be delivered after receiving the delivery order. Or route to ensure that drivers can quickly find goods to load and improve delivery efficiency. Therefore, the China warehouse also plans the storage space in the collection area by the site where the driver is responsible.

5.Return area

The return area is generally used for stacking customer returned goods, preferably where vehicles enter and exit so that the returned goods do not need to be transported too far after being put into the warehouse. No matter how it is planned, the Shopify store needs to remember the principle of warehouse partitioning. That is, it must be conducive to the operation in the warehouse and ensure that the personnel in the warehouse will not divide by regions. According to the above five regional planning, this divided way can guarantee the orderly operation of Chinese warehousesAmbiguity or inconsistency delays time and affects efficiency so that goods can be fast in and out.

Main services provided by China warehouse

The 3PL warehouse do not only provide literal warehousing services. Most 3PL warehouses will provide one-stop fulfillment services, basically realizing the integration of warehouse and distribution. Mainly included services:

  • Order fulfillment service
  • Commodity warehousing service
  • Sorting service
  • Repackaging service
  • Shipping service
  • Global delivery Service

Tips to choose the Right China warehouse

1.On-site inspection of the China warehouse

It would be best to focus on inspection when choosing a partner China warehouse, especially the price that needs attention. Most of the services provided by the China warehouse are similar, but the service quality is quite different. However, many “bad merchants” offer fancy services to lure the Shopify store’s e-commerce customers. Therefore, the quality of service is an issue that the Shopify store sellers needs to pay attention, and it must not cause more significant losses due to fancy services that lead to a series of subsequent problems. So what are the more important criteria when choosing the 3PL warehouse?

2.Observe the operation process of the China warehouse

First of all, the Shopify store sellers need to go to the China warehouse to do the inspection work on the spot to experience the delivery situation of the Chinese warehouse on the location. Observe whether the operators in the warehouse have irregular operations and whether the operation efficiency is high enough. You can even follow orders on the spot to understand the delivery process. At the same time, you can also pay attention to the cleanliness of the warehouse. If it is a messy Chinese warehouse, the Shopify store sellers will naturally not feel relieved to hand over the goods to the 3PL warehouse for management.


3.Know the reputation of the China warehouse

In addition to this, you also need to examine the reputation of this China warehouse in the warehouse distribution industry. In contrast, most people will naturally be more willing to cooperate with a well-known Chinese warehouse. Therefore, I believe that the behavior of those individual “black-hearted” 3PL warehouses is also undesirable. The forest is bigger, and there are all kinds of birds. This behavior is also a common problem that will exist in the future when the industry is bigger. I hope that the Shopify store sellers can consider multiple perspectives when choosing an e-commerce warehousing and logistics company, choose a more suitable company for long-term cooperation and obtain more profits.


China CFC is a non-bonded warehouse, which is the order fulfillment center as we know it. Now the China non-bonded warehouses are very popular in the Shopify store. One of the main reasons is that the China non-bonded warehouses can facilitate the supervision of goods. And the China non-bonded warehouses are not subject to customs supervision when conducting trade imports.

Through the above introduction, do you feel that the warehousing service is not as simple as you think? With the changes of the times, the current China warehouse is different from the traditional warehouse leasing. It is a complete service system. If you need a China warehouse that can provide you with high-quality services, I suggest choosing China CFC. While China CFC strives to ensure the safety of customers’ goods, it will also provide you with a better service experience. It specially mentioned that China CFC will also develop more overseas business for you.