How to choose the location of the order fulfillment center?

It is important that finding a good location of the fulfillment center- it will be saved some time and shipping cost for you.

Where is your products made?

Many products for selling to all over the world are made in China now.

But many E-commercial sells use the oversea warehouse in USA or EU countries even the goods are made in China.

It is meaning that it will need to do many things:

  1. There is a lot of time to prepare the goods
  2. Need to ship the bulk goods from China to the oversea warehouse before starting to sell the goods.
  3. All products need to be finished before shipping.
  4. Need to count the shipping cost including the freight from China to the oversea warehouse, tax, and the shipping cost from the oversea warehouse to the end customers.

If your products are made in China, we belive the CFC fullment center is a good choose for you.

The stockage cost of the fulfillment center

As we known, the stockage and the fulfillment cost in USA warehouse are high.
It would be charged the stockage as per day and per unit.

CFC is in China and it will provide the free warehouse for your shipping stockage in the first 3 months. And the free warehouse will be continue if you will have the stable orders.

Do you have any shipping delivery time requirement for your orders?

Most customers said they will need to deliver the goods in 1 week or 5 days.
In general, the Shopify orders can accept the shipping time in about 2 weeks.
If you can accept the delivery in about 2 weeks, it is more convenient if the parcels ship directly from China the the end customers.

  1. It will need not to wait for the goods from China to the oversea warehouse
  2. You can ship the some goods to the China warehouse first when you have orders.
  3. Just need to count the shipping cost from China directly to the end customers

If you would like to know more about the advanges of China fulfillment center, please focus on our blog update.