How to Find the Reliable China Shipping Agents


China Shipping Agents are coming. How do I get a shipping agent in china?Dear friend, do you have the same problem? I have done a lot of research on china shipping agent to helping more business people who are trading internationally. Whether you are doing international e-commerce business or want to ship goods from China to other countries, you need the help of a China shipping agent. Regardless of the industry, professional things should be left to a skilled team.

In this article, you will learn:

  • What you must know about Chinese shipping companies
  • What service can a China shipping agent provide you
  • How to avoid the disadvantages effects of shipping agent in china
  • How to Find the Reliable China Shipping Agents?
  • The top 10 best shipping companies in China

What you must know about China shipping agent

The primary duty of a shipping agent in china is to help you with everything regarding the transportation of your goods. There are three levels of China shipping agent. First-class Chinese shipping companies can book directly with air or sea freight companies or rail companies. And so, the formation of the international freight forwarding industry, the inevitable product of the global commodity flow process, is an integral part of international trade.

The chinese shipping forwarders industry is in the international freight market, between the shipper and the carrier. They accept the consignor entrusted on behalf of the chartering, booking, distribution, repair of relevant documents, customs clearance, inspection, insurance, container transport, unpacking, issuing bills of lading, and settlement of miscellaneous transport charges. Besides, they help you to international trade freight business is quite complicated work relatively centralized, coordination, coordination, a variety of issues. Even the delivery of single negotiation and settlement of foreign exchange China shipping agent will help you complete.

What service can a China shipping agent provide you

Shipping Services:


The primary service of a logistics agent China is to provide you with shipping services. Much paperwork is required to transport goods between different countries in international trade.

  1. China shipping agent have a wealth of experience in transporting goods. They know which freight solution is the best for you. They will choose for you the fast and favorable way of transportation.
  2. Chinese shipping companies will advise you on storing your goods. If the goods need to be transported in batches, they will tell you the options for transporting them in batches.
  3. The China shipping agent forwarder will choose a reliable and efficient carrier for you and will be responsible for concluding the transport contract.
  4. Arranging the weighing and measuring of the cargo.
  5. Handling of cargo insurance.
    6、Assembling of the goods.
    7、Storage of the cargo before shipment or before the distribution of the cargo at the destination.
  6. They will transport your goods directly to the port. Moreover, they will take care of all the sea freight formalities for you.
    9、Payment of freight, customs, and taxes on behalf of the shipper/importer.
  7. If a foreign exchange settlement is required during your goods’ import/export transportation, the logistics agent China will take care of the foreign exchange settlement for you.
    11、After the goods are handed over to the carrier. They will hand over all the cargo transportation procedures to you. You can pick up the goods directly with the bill of lading.
  8. Supervising the process of transporting the goods and keeping the shipper informed of the destination of the goods by liaising with the carrier’s agent in the foreign country of the China shipping agent.

Cooperation with Customs:

Chinese shipping companies have, to some extent, the same responsibilities as customs. Every shipment they handle to an overseas country must be handled following maritime requirements. When Customs checks the shipping procedures, the China shipping agent has to ensure that the price and quantity of the goods are correct.

Cooperation between freight forwarders and carriers:

Shipping agent in china are not responsible for transporting goods themselves. They have to cooperate with transport companies. Whether by sea, cross-country express, or air, they are very familiar with the characteristics of each mode of transport. The China shipping agent orders the appropriate transport space from the carrier, depending on the size of your cargo. In addition, they will agree with the airline on freight rates, delivery times, delivery times, etc. The logistics agent China is responsible for the timely booking of cargo with the carrier, for agreeing on fair and reasonable charges for the consignor and the carrier, for arranging delivery at the appropriate time, and for settling freight accounts with the carrier on behalf of the consignor.

Cooperation between freight forwarders and air carriers:

With the same reasoning for cooperation in maritime transport, the collaboration between freight forwarders and air carriers in China is also mutually beneficial in both directions. Freight forwarders bring orders to the airlines. The most crucial point is that the airline does not need to communicate directly with the customer. The shipping agent in china takes care of all the preparation of the shipment for the airline. At the same time, as a China shipping agent, it acts as an agent by providing.
It continues to serve the consignor or consignee by providing services appropriate to the level of air transport.

Services for liner companies

The relationship between freight forwarders and liner companies varies according to the business. In recent years, consolidation services have been provided by China shipping agents. The consolidation service for LCL cargoes has established a closer relationship between them and the liner companies and other carriers (e.g., railways). Yet some countries refuse to pay commissions to freight forwarders, so they are a worldwide fight for commission requirements.

Consolidation and LCL services

Perhaps your cargo is not always in non-large quantities. What is the best way to transport your shipment in small amounts? This is when China Forwarding recommends consolidation services for you. They consolidate customers’ goods with the same destination in one freight container. This solution can solve a lot of problems. Although there are multiple customers’ cargoes in one container, the carrier only hands over their business to the China shipping agent. The consignor is the freight forwarder, and the consignee is also a staff member entrusted by the freight forwarder. So, the consignor does not need to interface with the carrier for business throughout the process. If you require a home delivery service, the freight forwarder will also arrange for you to have the goods delivered to your nominated collection

Liability of freight forwardersaddress

  1. Basic responsibility
    Freight forwarders as carriers to complete the transport of goods and responsibilities. (Chinese freight forwarders issue freight documents. china shipping company with their vehicle possession, or entrust others to meet the transportation of goods, and charge freight).
  2. Period of responsibility
    The work China shipping agent starts when the goods are received and ends when the goods are finally handed over to the consignee at the destination. In addition, freight forwarder is instructed to deliver the goods to the place specified on behalf of the consignee.
  3. Responsibility for the contract
    The international china shipping company should be responsible for the loss of goods caused by their failure to execute the contract.
  4. Liability for warehousing
    In the acceptance of goods ready for warehousing, Freight forwarders should be received after the goods to the consignor receipt or warehouse certificate. And during the storage of goods to do its duty, according to the characteristics of the goods and packaging, choose different storage methods.

How to avoid the disadvantages effects of China shipping agent


Although freight forwarding has a lot of advantages, it also has a lot of disadvantages. You have to avoid the disadvantages of freight forwarders when working together to get the best service.

First, you want to prevent the China shipping agent from delaying the work schedule. You must sign a contract with the freight forwarder for your order to be delivered to its destination on time. And specify in the contract the time for the shipment of goods. If the china shipping company does not offer the goods to the destination within the specified time, you have to claim liquidated damages from them according to the contract.

Secondly, freight forwarders usually recommend their familiar partners for you. At the time of signing the contract, you can make your demands. You have to ask the freight forwarder to provide you with more than 5 options for you to choose from. In this way, the china shipping company will find as many opportunities for you to choose from.

How to Find the Reliable China Shipping Agents?

Registered shipping companies in china for more than two years. If you are looking for a China shipping agent to help you with your cargo shipping, you must do some research work in advance. First, you’ll want to check their business credentials. You will want to check when the China shipping agent was registered, the registered capital, and the registered address. Generally, the registered address in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Dalian, and other such Chinese coastal cities of shipping companies in china are more trustworthy. You should not work with some freight forwarders just because they give you a low quote. Once something goes wrong, you will lose a lot of money.

If you find a shipping companies in china with many other resources in abundance, you will save a lot of money. A freight forwarder can not only solve your shipping problems but also provide you with logistics and customs information.

The best shipping companies in China


China shipping agent

Ltd. is located in Hongkou District, Shanghai. This china shipping company has obtained a business record in Shanghai Public Security Network. Just visit their official website. You can see a very detailed list of shipping services. Then, negotiate with them for cooperation according to the services you need.

Container service:

  • Import exchange information query
  • Enquiries on import alternative voyage
  • Export pre-allocation query
  • Export dangerous goods deadline query
  • Export can be signed to inquire
  • Exit can be signed time query
  • Manifest change progress inquiry
  • Application for telex release of HSD bill change
  • Query the TELEx release list of HSD changes
  • Box dynamic query
  • Querying device contact list information
  • Bill of lading can be obtained by star enquiry
  • Export pre-allocation, loading receipt inquiry
  • Electronic packing information query
  • Dangerous goods export document enquiry
  • Declaration progress of dangerous goods for export direct inquiry

Shipping services:

  • Five days schedule of container liner
  • Ship’s 24-hour berthing plan
  • Monthly schedule (liner)
  • Cruise schedule

Small parcel service:

  • Breakbulk cargo schedule
  • Import Exchange Order Inquiry and Confirmation

Cost settlement:

  • Input VAT billing information
  • Direct inquiry into C freight to account
  • Electronic invoice Enquiry
  • Invoice details inquiry
  • Direct enquiry for invoice status of sporadic business
  • Import unpacking deposit refund inquiry
  • Port fee payment enquiry


chinese shipping companies

China Freight has been serving customers for ten consecutive years. They are the most comprehensive in air, ocean, express, and warehousing services. Their brand reputation is outstanding, and many of their regular customers have been with them for a long time.

China shipping agent services:

Sea Freight
Air Freight
Customs Brokerage
Express Services
Cargo Insurance


  • Shipping to Amazon FBA
  • E-commerce Fulfllment
  • Shipping to USA
  • Shipping toUK
  • Shipping to Canada
  • Shipping to Australia
  • Shipping to Mexico


shipping agent china to usa

This is a cost effective freight forwarder. They will sort your shipments. The biggest advantage is that you can enjoy free 30 storage services. And the free container service can be extended from 7 days to 28 days.

China shipping agent Service:

  • Sea Freight
  • Air Freight
  • Rail Freight
  • Customs Clearance China
  • Pick up and Delivery
  • FCL Shipment
  • LCL Shipment
  • Door to Door Shipping
  • Amazon FBA Shipping
  • Dangerous
  • Goods Shipping
  • 00G Shipping
  • China Broker
  • Warehouse

Ship by Region:

  • Asia
  • China to Europe
  • North America
  • China to Australia
  • China to UAE
  • China to Brazil
  • China to Saudi Arabia
  • China to Egypt
  • China to New Zealand
  • China to L ebanon
  • China to Africa


EJET has 16 years of service experience in the freight forwarding industry. Win-win is the cooperation model they pursue. Through their services, not only do they help you solve your freight problems, but they also accumulate customer resources and service fees.

China shipping agent Services:

Supplier Management
New Product Development
Product Branding Service
On Ground Sourcing

Quality Control
Amazon FBA Prep Service
Warehousing & Consolidation
Shipping & Distribution


The development of the freight forwarding business in China has been complete. They can provide you with a one-stop shipping service. In addition to freight forwarders, there are warehouse services you can also choose from. They can offer you not only transportation service but also storage service. And manage the delivery of your e-commerce orders.