How to get cheap products from China

Do you find the cheap products from China? China has the world’s largest growing economy. It owns over 21 % of the global market shares. Hence, importing cheaper products from China is a common strategy by sellers. This allows them to make more profit on their sales. 

This article will show how to get cheap products from China. We will also recommend how and which top niche cheap Chinese products you should look into buying from China. 

Why are all cheap products from China?

There are many reasons why China makes the cheapest products in the world; some of them are; 

  1. Cheap labor
  2. Skilled labor
  3. Supportive government laws and policies
  4. Better supply chain system

Everyone has trouble selecting and importing cheap products from China as an importer. The most reliable system that is used by the majority of importers is to use Alibaba (a Chinese website for cheap items). Moreover, it is recommended to prefer verified profiles to decrease the possibility of fraud and scams.

How to Select Cheap Niche Products from China?

After making up your mind to import cheap Chinese products, the first question arises: “what are the best products to buy from China?”

Here are some simple criteria to remember when selecting cheap products from China. 

  1. Simple and easy to use
  2. High-profit margin
  3. High sale probability
  4. Convenient to use
  5. Low cost for the buyer
  6. Innovative design
  7. High demand in the market

Most websites recommend people not to buy alcohol and medicine-related cheap Chinese stuff since international shipping laws might complicate things for you. 

From a revenue point of view, obtaining and selling cheap products is undoubtedly the best business model.

How to Get Cheap Products from China?

Now that you have decided to import products from China, let’s see what else goes into the import process. Here are some things to remember when you are importing items from China.

  1. Trade fair of item
  2. Factory visits for buyer
  3. Referrals
  4. Matchmaking event
  5. Customs records
  6. Cheap websites

An out-of-the-box idea to find some good cheap import worthy products from China is to look up the customs import records. An easier way to select import items is to hire a sourcing agent. 

6 Wholesale Websites to buy cheap products from china

  7. Sup Dropshipping

Top 11 Winning Products: How to Get Cheap Products from China

Let’s review the list of 11 cheap products from China that our readers should consider importing. Let’s see the best things to buy from China and resell.

cheap products from china -Toys

cheap products from china -Toys

The first cheap Chinese product on our list is Toys. We bet you to pick up any toy around your house, and it will have the “made in China” imprinted on it. 

Starting your import business from China with Toys is an intelligent choice. Toys are highly profitable and among the cheapest products manufactured in China in bulk. There are many different types of toys, such as plastic, wooden or educational toys. 

On average several toys on Amazon range from 60 to 100 $ depending on the type and quality of the item. Meanwhile, on Chinese websites, the prices range from 2 to 25 dollars. 

cheap products from China – Wireless phone chargers

cheap products from China - Wireless phone chargers

Wire chargers are the following products on our list of cheap products from China.

Over the past few years, wireless chargers have almost become a necessity. People have gotten used to using wireless chargers. Nowadays, most cellular phones have wireless charging technology. Therefore, wireless charging is very popular.

Wireless charging pads are available on various devices such as Samsung and iPhone. The good news is that you can outsource this for as little as $ 4-5 per hour—furthermore, the high retail prices in the market guarantee high profit margins.

cheap products from China – Electric Insect repellent 

One of the cheap Chinese products, insect repellent, effectively removes insects such as mosquitoes, mice, and cockroaches. They offer consumers a healthy and safe living environment. “environmentally friendly” and “non-toxic” are often used to describe these products.

If you want something to sell in your business store this season, this item should be one of your options. You can import this product from China for $ 1.76 and sell as much as you want to make a big profit.

Face masks

Unsurprisingly, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in demand for masks for personal protective equipment. These products are easy to ship because they are minimal and weigh less. Additionally, disposable masks are currently at the top of multiple categories on Amazon’s best-seller list.

If you choose to import and sell face masks, make sure you list them correctly and get a testimonial or testimonial from your supplier. Some labeled masks, such as N95, might require certification and clearance from FDA.

Facial rollers 

Facial Roller is currently ranked as one of the best items in the beauty and personal care category on Amazon’s best-selling list. 

Mid-range stones (such as jade and rose quartz) are most commonly used in these rollers. It holds temperature better than other materials and provides attractive aesthetics.

The quality of the jade used in these coils is usually much lower than the quality of the gem material so that it can be produced and imported reasonably. At the same time, the natural jewelry material bears the branding of a large store, despite color imperfections, turning face rollers into a profitable sock product.

Ring lights 

Ring lights 

Ring lights are trendy among Tiktok users and photographers. Good quality ring lights are equipped with a kickstand to hold your phone in place. Other functions such as brightness adjustment and temperature control are optional.

These are slightly larger than the other tips on the list, are less durable, and can complicate the shipping process. However, Ring lights are worth considering due to the high demand and margins.

Cell phones

Phones and related accessories are ubiquitous these days. The demand is increasing. New phones are regularly introduced to the market.

China produces the vast majority of phones worldwide, making it a great place to import phones. This means that the phone is one of the most affordable to import from China for your business.


Another highly profitable product that you should consider importing from China for your business is a computer. With the technological advances that all countries are experiencing today, the need for and use of computers will continue to grow. China is the largest computer and PC parts manufacturer that produces cheap products.

If you are considering importing computers for your business, China is a great place to start. They sell cheap computers that allow you to make decent profits.

Clothing items 

The fashion industry is one of the most common and largest industries worldwide. Hence, it’s no wonder new fashion companies enter the market daily. People will always need clothes to wear. Hence, the clothing industry is one of the safest investments that you can make. 

When it comes to clothing, China has a wide variety of choices. Therefore, if you want to import clothes at an affordable price, China is the best option.

Decoration pieces

Chinese ornaments amaze the world with their unique design and low price. In addition, they are impressive and contain such properties;

  1. Great design
  2. Originality
  3. Their style is constantly evolving

There is a high return in the jewelry market. Examples of Chinese motifs are paintings, vases, bottles, vases, folding fans, watches, jewelry, and figurines. Alternatively, you can purchase wholesale fashion necklaces from a Chinese supplier.


TSunglasses are most in-demand among luxury goods. Sunglasses are a commonly used accessory everywhere in the world. Amazon is based in the United States and offers sunglasses for $ 9 in plastic frames and $ 14 in metal frames.

Prices can go up to $ 20. But in China, the range starts at $ 1 to $ 3. These low wholesale prices guarantee huge profits.

Headphones and speakers

Chinese audio manufacturers produce amplifiers, music systems, and headphones for personal and home environments. You are always at risk of buying electronic devices overseas, so stand in front of the seller and try them out to ensure they work. It would help if you spent $ 15 to $ 20 for headphones and $ 5 to $ 10 for speakers alone.


We get a lot of similar questions, such as;


  1. How to buy products from China?
  2. How to buy products from China online?
  3. How to buy cheap goods from China?
  4. Where can I buy Chinese products?


Traders can use several websites such as Alibaba to buy cheap Chinese products. 


Is it profitable to import products from China, considering the trading fees?


If you order products in bulk, you can still earn massive amounts. 


Is it a wise decision to order multiple types of items from China?


It minimizes your loss risks, but ordering the same item in bulk offers more profitability. 


Importing cheap products from China is a trending business nowadays. These cheap Chinese products go for sale and offer a significant profit return to customers. Our article provides a general summary for people getting into this business idea. We have also compiled a descriptive list of top-selling items. Storage and shipping of goods can be delivered to China Fulfillment Center