How to Save Alibaba Shipping Costs? 

Alibaba shipping cost is higher than on other platforms. Alibaba is the best platform for you when looking for suppliers in China. Alibaba is the best option for you when searching for straightforward shipping services. But sometimes, it becomes challenging to save money on shipping while using Alibaba. Today, here in this post, we will discuss all those ways to help you save your money, then you choose Alibaba as your shipping partner. So, let’s have a look and save your money while keeping the above things in your mind.

Why Choose Alibaba Shipping?

Before moving to the actual topic, we believe that you must understand what Alibaba is.

Alibaba is a China-based eCommerce company or platform invented in 1999, and in 2016, it became one of the largest e-commerce retailers. Now, it has become popular all across the World and is a famous internal multi-brand eCommerce company. There are around 5000 product categories that are currently available at Alibaba. 

But while talking about the Alibaba shipping fee, it is much higher than the other eCommerce platforms.

Most business owners use Alibaba to find products here at a meager price. 

What are the various shipping ways that are available with Alibaba?

You can choose from three shipping methods according to their shipping charges. So, when you want to save money, you must select your shipping method wisely. 

Air freight is one of the highest-paying shipping options available with Alibaba. On the other hand, sea freight is a money-saving shipping option. But all of these ways are very much safe. But before choosing any of the options, you should have an idea about the dimensions of your parcel, including length, width, and height, including the weight of your items. Air freight is one of the best Alibaba freight methods when you have extensive or considerable goods to ship. It takes 5 to 10 days to make the parcel reach its destination. 

Moreover, when your customer wants to get the product, you must have an idea about the deadline. Depending upon it, you can have an idea about the shipping charges from the team of Alibaba. 

Regular Post

The time duration for the regular post is from 15 to 35 days, and it is one of the best money-saving shipping methods when you are looking to parcel small packages.

Air Express

When you want to reduce the delivery time, then Air Express is the best one. It uses international delivery service providers like DHL, UPS, and FedEx to transfer goods safely. Moreover, tracking interests using this method is very much easy.

Sea Freight

It is the best method while looking for international business trade. When you need to handle bulk cargo, it is the best method to use, and it takes around 30 to 60 days to make the parcel reach its destination.

Reasons that make Alibaba shipping costs so expensive

The distance is the primary thing according to which Alibaba’s shipping charges depend. For example, when you want to ship your parcel from China to the US or Europe, shipping charges will be higher than the shipping charges for any of the countries.

While talking about the average shipping cost at Alibaba it costs around $6 to $15. You can choose from air freight to sea freight if your parcel weight goes beyond 200 pounds. It will help you save your money as compared to air travel. 

Are you still thinking about why Alibaba shipping fee is much higher as compared to the others then here we have the right reasons for your question.

Reliable and secure services provider

According to the latest results, it has been found that Alibaba successfully sent 1 billion parcels in 2018, and this number goes on increasing year by year. A buyer always wants their parcel to be reached in a proper condition; this is only possible with the help of a shipping services provider like Alibaba. 

Covers long distance

No matter which country or area you will ship your goods. With the help of Alibaba, things will become so much easier. The shipping cost also depends upon the distance from pickup to the destination. The more the space, the more you need to pay for the shipping charges.

Bulk shipping available

When you have a vast or bulk products available, you can choose Alibaba for a secure and safe product reach. Moreover, when you have bulk products to reach the same destination, it will automatically help you save your money on shipping.

Shipping Incoterms available

When you are a supplier, then you always choose such shipping services provider that pays attention to the shipping Incoterms and Alibaba is one among them. Incoterms include everything related to the shipping, like responsibilities, hazards, and expenses. So, when you are worried about the safety of your goods, then choosing Alibaba as compared to the others is the best idea for you.

Offers high seller fees

The organization demands expenses on dealers in its commercial center to keep Alibaba above water. Each help provided by Alibaba to its vendors, like a client and specialized help and promoting apparatuses, is charged for. Notwithstanding, regardless of whether the consumptions are lower than opening a genuine firm, they are as yet significant. Essential, standard, and premium participation levels are currently accessible on Alibaba’s foundation.

Offers high marketing fees to the sellers

There are more than 150,000 shippers on Alibaba’s web-based business stage. It’s extreme for a vendor to stand apart among the huge number of different dealers on the lookout. Alibaba’s answer to this challenge is to charge organizations an expense to show up at the highest point of query items and ads on its foundation. Most providers can’t manage the costs of somewhere in the range of $3,500 and $10,000 for this assistance. Notwithstanding this, they should pay since they would lose a large chunk of change in the event that they didn’t promote their organizations on the web and face to face.

How to save Alibaba shipping costs?

Now, the primary question is how to save Alibaba shipping costs. Being a supplier or a customer, we believe that you must have all the knowledge about it. 

Compare prices

When you want to save money on the Alibaba shipping charges, you must compare multiple shipping agencies’ prices. At Alibaba, you can find various agencies that deal in shipping. You must ensure that they have the exact shipping condition, and the delivery time must be the same. 

Opt for the local warehouse

Opting for the local warehouse in the destination country can easily save money on shipping Alibaba. On the other hand, if you are choosing a reputed supplier and a multi-brand company, you have to pay huge for it. But when choosing a regular one, you can easily save your money.

Choose third-party tools

From the internet, you can find multiple tools which will help you calculate the shipping cost, and according to them, you can choose the best and money-saving one.

Choose a supplier from Alibaba Shipping management.

When looking at Alibaba shipping costs, it is the best idea for you to choose a supplier from the Alibaba shipping management. Hiring the best one for a small-business owner is very hard, but this technology benefits you.

Focus on choosing the correct route

As we have discussed earlier, that router is the most significant factor on which the Alibaba freight charges depend. For example, when you need to ship your goods from China to the US, choosing the Pacific Ocean is the best for you. In this case, if you will have any doubt related to it in your mind, then you can ask for professional help.

Check for your package.

A well-packaged item is very much beneficial in saving your money on shipping. Moreover, when you properly pack your thing, then it will make your package more secure. You must check for the package to save your money on Alibaba shipping. 

Learn about the quantity

As an accomplished purchaser, you might need to consider the amount of buying before you affirm the request with Alibaba providers, making the buy adaptable for transportation. If you are not so acquainted with the bundling and volume of your products, you might try to get an idea from your provider.


At last, we hope that you have all cleared with how you can save your money on the Alibaba shipping fee. We believe that after applying these things to your Alibaba shipment process, you can easily save your money and use that money to purchase more and more items.