How to Ship Stickers: A Detailed Guide for Businesses

Shipping stickers might appear simple, but when it comes to how to ship stickers and make sure they reach the customers in good condition, a tactical method is required. Whether you run a small business or belong to a bigger company setup, this step-by-step guide will help you understand the order fulfillment process of shipping stickers.

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Choosing Packaging Materials

The selection of packaging materials is very important for avoiding any bending, moisture, or other harm to stickers.

Stickers in a plastic pack

Rigid Mailers

Use rigid mailers, such as cardboard envelopes to prevent bending. These types of mailers are strong enough to protect the stickers while they are being shipped and come in different sizes. Make sure the mailers are a bit bigger than the stickers, so there is enough space but not too much. Think about putting cardboard inside the mailer for more stiffness.

Poly Mailers with Cardboard Inserts

Put in poly mailers with cardboard inserts for extra defense. The poly mailer gives protection against moisture, and the cardboard insert stops it from getting bent.

This option is not heavy, so it assists in keeping shipment expenses low. Ensure that the cardboard insert fits neatly into the poly mailer to prevent any movement during transportation.

Protective Sleeves

Use clear plastic sleeves for the safekeeping of the stickers, keeping them away from moisture and dirt. This is particularly important if the stickers have complex designs or are made from delicate materials. Make sure to seal the sleeves well so that they don’t get exposed to the elements. Also, these sleeves can enhance the unboxing experience for the customer.

Bubble Wrap

For big orders or when you send stickers overseas, it could be good to wrap them in bubble wrap for more protection. Use less bubble wrap so it doesn’t make the package too big, but also make sure the stickers are safe from any hits.

Bubble Wrap

Selecting Shipping Methods

Standard Shipping

For orders within the country, select standard shipping. It’s affordable and usually dependable for stickers as they are not heavy. Make sure to always give a tracking number to your customers so that they feel more satisfied with their purchases.

Expedited Shipping

Give clear options during checkout: standard versus faster deliveries. You give customers the choice to use fast shipping options for their stickers. When they select expedited shipping, ensure the cost of sending is included in the fee for delivering items.

International Shipping

For sending stickers to international locations, it is wise to select a dependable carrier that gives tracking and delivery confirmation. CFC Fulfillment works well in these aspects. It offers trustworthy global delivery services from China right away.

Further, know about customs rules and charges for various nations. Declare the package’s content correctly, including its worth to prevent hold-ups. Give specific shipping details and anticipated arrival period to worldwide clients.

Labeling and Documentation

Shipping Labels

Produce shipping labels that are easy to read and correct, containing the recipient’s address along with your own return address. Look twice for any mistakes so as to avoid delivering goods in the wrong places. In addition, provide a number for tracking and a barcode to allow customers to track their orders.

Shipping Labels

Customs Forms

For shipments to other countries, fill out the customs forms that are needed. Give a full explanation of what the stickers contain and state their worth.

Please fasten the customs forms on the package’s exterior with care. Make sure that all details are correct to prevent any hold-ups in customs.

Order Invoices

Put an order invoice in the package. This aids in confirming what’s inside and acts as a record of purchase for the buyer. Make sure the invoice is understandable and each item is listed separately. Also, you could add a gratitude note or guidance on returning and exchanging items.

Cost-Saving Tips

Shipping costs can play a large part in business expenditure, so for businesses, it’s also important to save shipping costs while maintaining service quality.

Bulk Shipping Discounts

Bulk shipment discounts are available with many carriers. If you ship stickers often, it may be beneficial to establish an account with a carrier in order to obtain discounted rates. Try bargaining the fees for transportation according to how much you usually send out. Regularly review your shipping contracts to ensure you’re getting the best deals.

Flat Rate Shipping

Choose flat-rate shipping for stable costs. Use this method when you have a bigger or bulkier shipment, because it can save on your expenses. Compare flat rates with standard rates to choose the most cost-effective option.

Optimize Packaging Size

Select packaging that matches the stickers closely to avoid extra payment for weight or dimensions. Light and small packaging can help lessen the expense of shipping. Try to use mailers with sizes specifically made for this purpose. This not only reduces shipping costs but also minimizes environmental impact.

Offer Free Shipping Thresholds

Offering free shipping on orders that surpass a specific value is an effective strategy to stimulate customers into purchasing more products. This can result in a higher average order value and helps balance the cost of shipping with the increase in sales revenue. Ensure you exhibit your free shipping offers prominently on your website. Monitor the impact on your profit margins and adjust thresholds as needed.

Returns and Exchanges

Returns and Exchanges

Have a well-defined policy for returns and exchanges to keep customers content. Clearly mention your return policy on the website, and make sure you include a copy in the package too.

Be very clear about what can be returned, mentioning factors like time frame restrictions or condition of stickers being returned, etc. Use clear language and formats that are easy to comprehend. Make it simple for customers to return items without any complications, which will enhance trust and attachment from the buyer.

Moreover, give a prepaid return label for items that are defective or incorrect. For returning other products, decide if it’s the client’s responsibility to pay for shipping back or if you will cover this expense. Keep in mind return transportation charges while setting up your pricing plan. Offer store credit for returns to encourage repeat purchases.

Final Thoughts

To ship stickers well, plan and pay attention to what is needed. Using correct packing things, selecting good ways to send them, and using money-saving tips. All these are for ensuring your stickers reach their destination in good shape while managing costs. A smart shipping plan can increase customer happiness and assist with the development of your business.


What is the best packaging material for shipping stickers?

The ideal packaging for stickers should protect them from harm while being transported. Materials such as cardboard or plastic sleeves having a firm backstop prevent the stickers from bending and tearing. Bubble wrap or foam padding can offer more cushioning. For small stickers, a poly envelope can be a cost-effective option.

How to reduce shipping costs for my sticker business?

To minimize shipping expenses for a sticker business, you can:

  • Negotiate rates with shipping providers for bulk shipments.
  • Choose the most cost-effective shipping method based on delivery speed and reliability.
  • Optimize packaging to reduce weight and size, which can lower postage rates.
  • Consider drop shipping to eliminate inventory and shipping costs.

What should be included in the shipping documentation?

Proper documentation is crucial for international shipments. It typically includes:

  • A commercial invoice, detailing the value and description of the goods.
  • A packing list, specifying the contents and quantities.
  • Customs declaration forms, if shipping internationally, to comply with import regulations.
  • Additional documents may be required for specific products or destinations.

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