The 7 Steps in the Order Fulfillment Process

What is the order fulfillment process?

When you are doing foreign trade business, you face many global customer orders and complex order fulfillment processes steps. It would be best to prioritize cooperation with 3PL, a company specializing in order fulfillment. Mainly you cooperate with an order fulfillment center in China. Although the order fulfillment process steps are complicated, you will understand the meaning after reading the seven steps of the order fulfillment process steps introduced in this article.

Order Fulfillment Explained

Order fulfillment is a third-party logistics company that uses the extra-large two-story warehouse to store customer products. When the customer has a delivery order to be processed, the order fulfillment center starts to receive order notification at first, printing order info, pick products, packing products, shipping, and perfect after-sales service and return service. Generally speaking, the order fulfillment center cooperates with many large logistics companies. Due to order fulfillment is the key link to finish order for your foreign trade business. And it determines the efficiency and accuracy of order fulfillment. It is also responsible for feedback on inventory availability, which ultimately determines your customer satisfaction. Therefore, order in fulfillment process meaning, the order fulfillment center is the core competitiveness of every foreign trade e-commerce enterprise.

Step 1: Warehouse Receiving

Warehouse Receiving

When your order business is busy, you must consider looking for a 3pl company. Because your products need to import and exported, you can choose the location of your warehouse in a country with better policies. Then you can transport the goods to a warehouse. The order fulfillment center will make all preparations to receive the products. Or you also can select the service that the order fulfillment center comes to receive the products. Generally, order in fulfillment process meaning, the China Fulfillment Center(CFC) is an order fulfillment center popular with foreign trade merchants world.

Step 2: Put Warehouse Racking

Put Warehouse Racking

When you contact an order fulfillment center, you can put your products into their warehouse. There are two commonly used methods, but China Fulfillment Center(CFC) will provide you with the most convenient way to deposit into the warehouse. The primary operation process is as follows:

  • Receive inventory;
  • Enter product-related information and automatically generate product SKU;
  • Tag the corresponding system SKU;
  • Put warehouse racking;

If your e-commerce store has an independent sales website, you can also connect to CFC’s order system to automatically download order information. Meanwhile, order in fulfillment process meaning, you can omit the above operation of putting warehouse racking.

Step 3: Synchronized Warehouse System

Synchronized Warehouse System

Each order fulfillment center has a professional order management system. After your products are sent, the warehouse rack needs to synchronize to the order management system. At the same time, the corresponding system sku of the product will also change synchronously, such as sku number, order in fulfillment process meaning, sku meaning, product sku, etc.

Step 4: Process Orders

Process Orders

When products come into our warehouse, we keep inventory for our customers, and our staff will list them in our warehouse management system. Once you have a sale, order in fulfillment process meaning, our system will notify us to order in fulfillment process meaning.

a. Order notification

Order management system issues order notification!

b. Print order info

The order handler prints the order information and processes the product on the order notification.

c. Pick products

After sorting out the order information and labels, the warehouse management personnel began to pick out the ordered products on the warehouse racks.

d. Pack products

According to the characteristics of products, we can select the packaging of the appropriate product, which can facilitate the subsequent shipping of the product and delivery to the customer’s hands.

e. Shipping

CFC has more than 40 shipping solutions available. CFC also supports customers in choosing their shipping plans and provides shipping strategies based on the destination country, product size, weight, shipping time, and budget.

Step 5: Shipping Tracking

Shipping Tracking

Because the foreign trade merchant takes the order fulfillment process steps of the entire product to us, we will be responsible for every process after the order is fulfilled. In particular, there will be a professional team to manage the shipping tracking system, aiming at the abnormality in the shipping tracking system. It can notice by us and solved in time. Of course, China Fulfillment Center(CFC)’s professional team manages shipping tracking systems, order in fulfillment process meaning, whose statistical data show no abnormality in the shipping tracking in each order fulfillment project of China Fulfillment Center(CFC).

Step 6: Deliver to Global Customers

Deliver to Global Customers

Whether your order is delivered to customers in the Americas, Europe, or even customers in Australia in Oceania, we can always give you the perfect delivery to the customer. China Fulfillment Center(CFC), as a china order fulfillment center, while managing the warehouse inventory for you, can also transport products to customers’ hands. China Fulfillment Center(CFC) is not a logistics company. It has cooperation with logistics in China and other countries around the world, also called a 3PL company. They can provide your products to choose the most suitable shipping route to achieve the most effective time-saving delivery.

Step 7: Handle After-Sale Return Orders

Handle After-Sale Return Orders

In the whole process of order fulfillment, it must offer after-sales return service. When customers of foreign trade merchants initiate a series of applications for returns and exchanges, the order fulfillment center will process it in a timely manner, reducing unnecessary trouble for the foreign trade merchant—and involving return logistics service, which is also the responsibility of the order fulfillment center. Therefore, order in fulfillment process meaning, China Fulfillment Center(CFC) also cooperates with other located logistics companies in the world to provide the greatest convenience for each customer of a foreign trade merchant.

What things can improve the order fulfillment process?


Here are three tips:

a. Identify disadvantages of existing the order fulfillment process.

Because customer satisfaction has always been the core competitiveness of enterprises, you can investigate your customers’ experience or go to your competitors for reference.

b. Improve order system software

In today’s accelerated development of the electronic information age, it is necessary for you to continuously optimize all software related to order fulfillment to increase order fulfillment efficiency. Such as if you have your own sales website. In that case, China Fulfillment Center(CFC)’s order management software can connect to your order system, Many steps to enter product sku can be omitted when cooperating with China Fulfillment Center(CFC).

c. Offer perfect shipping services.

Shipping route services mainly include customizing the shipping route suitable for your products, choosing the appropriate logistics company, and, more importantly, the logistics service of after-sales returns, which can all increase the satisfaction of the customer experience.

China Fulfillment Center

We discussed the seven steps about the order fulfillment process steps and three tips to optimize it. Pay special attention before ensuring your order fulfillment partner. You should make sure that this order fulfillment center can help your order business and promote your foreign trade business development. To benefit the order business, order in fulfillment process meaning, China Fulfillment Center(CFC) uses the resources of many existing logistics companies, use high-quality order fulfillment system modules, and shipping tracking services of orders in real-time. At the same time, it will also develop customers to complete the order fulfillment for you.The CFC’s website is