The Benefit of Warehouse Services in China



Nowadays, more and more enterprises want to simplify the operation and management process and usually choose professional warehousing companies for cooperation. The main reason is that through warehouse services, they can get better service advantages and simplify work pressure, especially for goods management and other related matters. The work can reach more professional standards. Let me introduce the specific advantages and benefits of choosing warehouse services.

Part 1 Why choose warehouse services in China?

1. E-commerce competition is fierce

In the era of globalization, most warehouse services companies are constantly improving their competitiveness and the ability to cooperate. Warehouse services companies are looking for strong partners. However, for international cross-border e-commerce, It is so. For the initial cross-border e-commerce, their factories, warehousing, logistics teams, and foreign trade companies handle all the processes. Therefore, with the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, the competition among international cross-border e-commerce companies is also increasing intense.


2. Get bigger profit margins

Some international cross-border e-commerce companies have handed over warehousing outsourcing and transportation processes to China warehouse services companies. Now international cross-border e-commerce companies only need to complete operations and sales services, which can greatly reduce the operating costs of foreign trade companies. To focus the most energy on e-commerce operation and marketing to improve efficiency and obtain greater profits. China CFC is a 3PL company that provides warehouse services.

Part 2 Location advantage of warehouse services in China

Advantages of sea transportation


Shenzhen warehouse services port is one of the busiest ports in China, with 15 first-class ports approved by China to open to the outside world. However, including China’s largest passenger entry and exit land port, Luohu Port, 24-hour customs clearance Huanggang Port, and China The first subway port with a seamless connection between the Mainland and Hong Kong – Futian Port, and the only land port with “co-location.” So, Shenzhen has a complete range of sea, land, air, and rail ports.

Shenzhen Customs provides enterprises with personalized services such as “24-hour customs clearance appointment”. However, China CFC Shenzhen, China, has three super large Shenzhen warehouse services in China. Therefore, China CFC can provide you with high-quality warehouse services.

International trade advantage

Shenzhen warehouse services is connected to Hong Kong everywhere, and your orders that need to be fulfilled can be very. Therefore there are 18 convenient ports from Shenzhen to overseas, including the entry and exit land ports with the largest cargo flow in China—Luohu Port and Huanggang Port, with 24-hour customs clearance. The border of Shenzhen is close to the New Territories North District of Hong Kong, including Luohu District, Yantian District, Futian District, and the coastal Nanshan District. Luohu Port and Futian Port are connected by Shenzhen Metro Luobao Line and Hong Kong Metro East Rail Line. Shenzhen border ports include Luohu Port, Shenzhen Bay Port, Futian Port, Huanggang Port, Wenjindu Port, Shatoujiao Port, and Shekou Port.

Part 3 Policy advantage of warehouse services in China

Warehouse services are integrated with transportation and logistics.

Warehousing is outsourced to freight forwarding, which can realize the integration of warehousing and logistics. There is no transfer link for goods from warehousing to logistics, direct and efficient operation, and efficient delivery, which shortens delivery and improves delivery efficiency.

Enjoy professional operation service.

Outsourcing warehouse services can enjoy more professional packaging, billing, and bundling services with high efficiency, accuracy, and low error rates. However, the warehouse services reduce the various risks of e-commerce companies due to billing errors, non-standard packaging, and labeling things.

The overall process is more efficient.


Warehousing outsourcing freight forwarding takes advantage of its geographical location to better connect with the supplier’s goods and logistics resources. It can receive goods quickly, the warehousing service quickly operates, and deliver goods quickly. The entire receipt, inspection, warehousing, management, operation, packaging, and shipping/installation transportation process are very efficient.

Warehousing outsourcing freight forwarding takes advantage of its geographical location to better connect with the supplier’s goods and logistics resources. It can receive goods quickly, the warehousing service quickly operates, and deliver goods quickly. The entire receipt, inspection, warehousing, management, operation, packaging, and shipping/installation transportation process are very efficient.

Part 4 Human resource advantages of warehouse services in China

Rich human resources in China

China’s human resources are very rich, and they have certain professional knowledge or expertise. However, in China, each process of warehousing fulfillment, from warehousing goods to delivering orders, requires more manpower. Therefore, China’s rich manpower Resources can contribute to warehouse services.

Solve the trouble of manual warehouse management service


Suppose you choose to cooperate with a professional third-party warehousing company. In that case, you will no longer have to waste costs and funds by hiring warehouse services workers and solving all kinds of troubles in the manual work process. The utilization rate of renting a warehouse may not reach a better standard. It is also easy to cause omissions in the management process because not every work enterprise can manage all aspects. 



You can enjoy professional warehousing management services by outsourcing warehousing, including professional facilities and equipment, standardized operations, experienced warehousing personnel, and safer warehousing safeguards. However, suppose the warehousing, operation, logistics, and other links are handed over to third-party companies. In that case, e-commerce companies have more time, energy, manpower, material resources, financial resources, etc., to focus on the core operation of the e-commerce platform, improve the competitiveness of products, and gain the trust and support of more consumers.

Part 5 The price advantage of warehouse services in China

Save the cost of warehouse services.


 In China, 3PL companies can bring you better service advantages. Although the cooperation process also needs to pay a certain cost, it is more cost-effective than using warehouse services because it will be better guaranteed in terms of services. And provide more efficient and fast transportation and packaging services. Each order will save you money.

Provide warehouse services solutions

 A professional and authoritative third-party warehousing company will provide you with a more comprehensive and systematic service plan. The customized planning plan can make the service effect reach a more professional standard. It will have a good advantage in using resources and solving the problem of a long-term lease of warehouse services. It will also be more worry-free in cargo management, and there is no need to worry about cost loss.

Part 7 China fulfillment center


1.What is a China fulfillment center

China fulfillment center is a specialized company in the field of order fulfillment. A fulfillment business, which can be specifically understood as order fulfillment or product fulfillment, is a business in which an individual or company performs the delivery process to the orderer. Typical business operations include specific operations such as inventorying, taking orders, packaging, and shipping and delivering goods to end-users.

2.Standard China fulfillment center Service Types

Warehouse services

Usually, items are in stock until an order is received. A range of storage facilities is provided in the process, such as refrigerated services for perishable goods, air conditioning or insulation services for temperature-sensitive goods, and various types of typical inventory protection.

Pick and pack services.


Pick and pack is how a China fulfillment center picks and prepares items in stock for shipment. Centers usually employ specialized pickers. They would look up the specific item’s location in the warehouse services against the order form, take the item out, and ship it to the packing station. The packing station will also have the corresponding packing staff confirm the order form, then do the corresponding packing according to the different goods, attach the packing list and paste the delivery address for the goods.

Shipment servicesgh

Fulfillment centers rarely provide delivery services themselves and, in most cases, outsource this service to delivery companies. However, China fulfillment center can often negotiate larger shipping discounts with delivery companies than smaller retailers since such centers have large volumes of shipments to be shipped each day. Therefore, small delivery companies like DDU, DHL, and DDP can offer bigger discounts.

Advantages of outsourcing to China fulfillment center

Equipment costs

Emerging production-oriented enterprises are often in the initial stage and may not necessarily have supporting storage facilities or do not have enough funds to purchase these facilities. And China fulfillment centers typically have thousands of square meters of storage space. Moreover, if the company has its inventory, it will also add additional costs. China fulfillment centers can spread these costs evenly among their various customers, thereby greatly reducing the cost of inventory charged, far lower than storing goods on their own. Inventory charges vary from case to case but take the form of a piece by piece, by pallet, or by storage space.

Transportation costs


If the company does not need to ship many products every month, it is generally difficult to get preferential shipping prices like a China fulfillment center. So, delivery-in-stock companies can generally outsource shipping at 30% or more. Some businesses save more money on this one than the China fulfillment center charges for shipping. Businesses can also negotiate a flat shipping fee with the China fulfillment center based on weight and service, regardless of distance. In this way, the company has a clear definition of the transportation cost and can make a budget for it.

Shipping costs

Meanwhile, as with the favorable shipping prices, these cost savings of up to 50% compared to purchasing shipping materials from retailers. Therefore, China fulfillment center will include the cost of packaging the item in the shipping fee, which is why these centers have come up with the slogan “Repackaging” Most China fulfillment center will provide customers with a list of “standard boxes.” If these packages do not meet the requirements of the product, companies can provide their packaging or pay to order.

Businesses looking to outsource order fulfillment should consider negotiating a bundled price whereby all activities involved in order fulfillment are paid a flat price per order. In this way, companies can accurately predict the required costs.


The above is a comprehensive introduction to the specific advantages of warehouse services. Enterprises can’t cover all kinds of matters in the process of development. However, suppose you want to better protect the development of competitive advantages and avoid excessive consumption of human and material resources. In that case, cooperation through professional Chian CFC will naturally Have better service advantages, and it will also make the warehouse management process more worry-free.