The Five Steps to Pick and Pack Services China

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In the warehousing process of the pick and pack services China, we often hear “picking” and “packing” because there is only one alphabet difference. Many people will mistakenly think that the meaning is the same. Still, they are not the same thing! Picking and packing are essential links in the pick and pack services China. The development of related technologies is changing with each passing day, and the steps and forms represented are also very different.

What is the pick and pack services China?

Picking refers to the process in which the warehouse and distribution center selectors take out the goods from the storage shelves according to the interests, models, and quantities required by the order, classify and concentrate them in a certain way, and transport them to the tally area. Packing refers to sorting and concentrating packages according to different destinations or routes after the picking operation is completed, waiting for assembly and delivery.

After that, many small partners may still be confused. For example, you are doing an e-commerce business on the Shopify platform to sell some shoes and clothing. However, according to the order, pickers in the warehouse will pick out the items from the warehouse shelves to pack them into a package. This process is picking. There must be your orders that need to be shipped and other Shopify sellers in the warehouse. At this time, you need to classify the packages according to the recipient’s address. This process is sorting.

The technical difference between pick and pack

Picking technology is the real core of the entire picking operation. Picking includes classified into order, batch, and process picking. The picking operations of any 3PL company are inseparable from using these technologies. For example, batch picking can support single-person, simultaneous, and multi-multiple partition picking.

Packing technology mainly involves automatic pick and pack services China softwares, one of the necessary facilities for advanced distribution centers. The automatic pick and pack services China software accurately finds the location of the goods to be shipped from the massive high-level shelf pick and pack services China warehouse in the shortest time and transports them to the tally area or distribution platform according to the distribution location. The sorting operation is uncrewed. The error rate is shallow.

What are the methods of pick and pack?

The picking methods include manual picking by picking list, PDA, manual picking by RFID, goods-to-person picking by shuttle car, and robot picking by goods-to-person. Each picking method has its advantages and disadvantages. Election methods also continue to emerge. There are usually three ways of sorting: order picking, batch picking, and compound picking.

Order-specific picking is suitable for significant differences in order size, frequent changes in order quantity, and significant commodity differences. However, batch picking is ideal for distribution centers with small order changes and stable order quantities and regular shapes, and fixed goods are shipped, followed by Commodities that need to be processed in circulation; compound picking is based on the variety, quantity, and delivery frequency of the order.

The 5 steps to pick and pack services China

The e-commerce sellers connect the goods they need to store in the warehouse with the warehousing staff of the 3PL company and store them in the e-commerce warehouse. The team registers the goods information and enters the goods information into the warehouse management system. Then the warehousing staff will write and confirm the goods. If there is a difference in the quantity and the product is damaged, we will negotiate and communicate. After the goods are counted, each SKU will be placed in the corresponding storage location. Professional 3 PL companies will have their pick and pack services China softwares to input product information so that a radish has its pit.


Step one Receive order notifications

When customers come to the Shopify store to place an order, you must ship in time. If your Shopify store is busy, you should try to set the delivery time as long as possible, such as promising to deliver within 48 hours or 72 hours, to leave enough time to prepare. Meanwhile, you can get more turnaround time when your sources are running low. Here I strongly recommend you to use the 3PL company. For example, when you choose China CFC as the 3PLcompany that you cooperate with after customers place an order in the Shopify store, the order information will be pushed to China CFC. According to the order information, China CFC can go to the warehouse to pick.

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Step two Pick goods

For different types of orders, China CFC has different picking goods methods.

1.Single product, single piece

Single-item orders are generally the easiest to process. First, we need to pick out such orders from the order pool and then aggregate them by item and in batches. For example, after China CFC aggregates the single-item orders, A is 300 items and item B is 200 items. Since the charges are all single products and a single piece, and the quantity of the same batch of orders is 1, our warehouse staff put 300 pieces of product A and 200 parts of product B in the parking area, waiting for repackaging.

Since the products of the big promotion have been prepared in advance in the big promotion area, unlike the previous “people looking for goods” with orders, the goods are ready at this time. We only need to print out the corresponding express delivery order, and after packaging the batch, paste the above order, and it can be shipped.

2.Multiple pieces of a single product

At this time, you need to treat the order differently. Different from a single item and a single item, an order for multiple items of a single entity may still order those items, but the quantity is not necessarily 1 item. After processing the single product and the single product, the operator will continue to sort the single product 2, the single product 3, and the single product 4 and process them in turn. And after sorting, they will do a review check and pack them. Heavy and repackaged.

3.Multi-product single-piece/multi-product multi-piece

Its orders include multiple products. Consumers may buy product A and then purchase product C, or buy product A and then buy product D. Even if China CFC prepare the repackaging goods in advance in the big promotion area, it is necessary to pick multiple goods and then merge them into the order. When there are many products, it is still not easy to find and combine them. Generally, after the warehouse processes the charges for a single product in batches, our warehousing staff will pick up the remaining orders in the picking area. In addition, during the non-big promotion period, our warehousing staff will also pick up the goods directly in the picking area. You need not to require additional preparation, and the applicability is more substantial.


Fulfillment center packers pick, repackage, and paste the corresponding courier number according to the goods’ quantity, size, specification, and type.After the general fulfillment center personnel pack the order,they place the package in the corresponding courier box.Many warehouses will add your product logo to repackage in advance for faster picking efficiency. When the order notification arrives, the warehouse staff only needs to print and paste the express receipt to deliver the goods. Because before the general sale, Shopify merchants will formulate a sale plan in advance and notify the fulfillment center to prepare for the sale in advance.

The fulfillment center will set up a particular promotion area in the big promotion area of the fulfillment center when the fulfillment center staff scans the express receipt for weighing and recording the weight for later settlement. By comparing the logical consequence of the order with the actual weighing weight, if the error exceeds the absolute value, the pick and pack services China will give an early warning prompt.

At the same time, when we mentioned the big promotion earlier, the fulfillment center will stock up the goods in the big promotion area in advance according to the sales plan to reduce the pressure of picking. When it is not a big promotion, we can also optimize the location planning through daily order data analysis. For example, China CFC will place the best-selling products near the entrance of the warehouse picking are. However, our fulfillment center staff will warehouse the best-selling products in the dedicated area of the fulfillment center. These are all about improving picking efficiency. For best-selling products, preparing in advance and preparing the goods in advance can save picking time. However, fulfillment centers still process the non-single items according to the conventional picking process.


Step four Excute Shipment

To deliver the goods into different shipping areas. The warehouse personnel of the fulfillment center will sign and confirm with the courier personnel and return the goods to the logistics company. For example, although China CFC is not a logistics company, but cooperates with many logistics companies. And more than ten years of logistics operation experience. Whether you want DDP or DDU, China CFC will do it for you. Finally, fulfillment center staff fulfill your goods by the logistics company. Soon, China CFC will deliver the packages to consumers around the world.

Step five Update fulfillment system order info

After waiting for a time , the fulfillment center complete the delivery. The fulfillment center staff will give you feedback on the order number. You can update your Shopify store information now. However, as orders consume, the fulfillment center’s inventory will decrease, and the staff will replenish the goods on time. Meanwhile, you can’t need to worry about this problem, and the fulfillment center will give you feedback in time. The fulfillment center ends a set of shipping processes. You must be concerned about the quality of after-sales service in the fulfillment center. However, the customer service coordinated and solved if those parcels has problem. The customer service staff of the fulfillment center will give you a satisfactory reply within 24 hours.


We all know 3PL companies’ pick and pack services China with order fulfillment centers. At the same time, it brings us a lot of benefits. Firstly, efficient use of resources. At the same time, the management of third-party warehouses is professional. China CFC has innovative distribution concepts, masters more methods to reduce costs. They have a sound pick and pack services China software and higher efficiency.

Second, reduce transportation costs. Third, expand your sales market. Third-party warehousing companies have strategically located equipment and services. China CFC is an order fulfillment center. However, while fulfilling your order, China CFC will provide you with value-added services and open up more overseas markets. The above information about sorting and selection services that I have learned. Through the above reading, many small partners also understand China CFC. If you need China CFC and want to cooperate with China CFC, click here!