The Must for Shopify Stores Newbies



If you also want to start Shopify stores, here are some of my views. I believe that those who do e-commerce will have a more or less understanding of Shopify stores. As an essential channel for e-commerce in the past two years, the independent website has obvious advantages. As the leader in the independent website, Shopify is also the preferred platform for more sellers. If you also want to enter Shopify, here are some of my views.

What is Shopify?

As the most popular independent e-commerce platform, Shopify’s sales have also soared in recent years. Many American poker merchants have settled on the Shopify platform, and they are also very friendly in terms of cost. You can have an independent mall with a minimum of $29/month.

Shopify stores introduction:

Shopify is a powerful independent e-commerce platform. It was established in 2004 by a Canadian company. More than 1 million e-commerce websites have used the Shopify program, and the total amount of commodity transactions has reached tens of billions of dollars.

Shopify supports PayPal, credit cards, and other payment methods and provides a variety of free pay-as-you-go tools and themes for sellers to choose and use. Due to its advantages of stability, high speed, and safety, it has now developed into a giant of independent e-commerce looking you. More e-commerce platforms choose to transfer their website addresses to Shopify.

Shopify stores advantages for ecommerce:

1.Help brand building and sales channel management

Shopify is a global multi-channel e-commerce platform serving large, medium, and small sellers, helping brands build and manage their sales channels. Shopify stores can also help brands achieve brand marketing on Facebook, Google, and other platforms, simpler and more centralized online business processes.

2.Provide website services for sellers

Shopify stores provide website services for small and medium-sized enterprises, which can better create brand appeal and management efficiency to achieve precision marketing.

3.The proportion of business in China has increased.

Shopify stores has put its business center in China in the past two years, and thousands of enterprises, including some emerging Chinese brands, original equipment manufacturers, and e-commerce sellers, have settled in. It also enhances the popularity of domestic brands and attracts more overseas Chinese customers from various aspects.

4.Profound experience in the international market

 Shopify stores has many years of practical experience and resources in the international market, which can help sellers better achieve barrier-free e-commerce overseas.

How to run a Shopify stores

1.Use the order fulfillment mechanism.

Shopify’s self-delivery operation is more troublesome than other platforms because the main thing is to ensure the seller’s delivery efficiency and improve the buyer’s experience. The most important thing is to choose the delivery method that is most suitable for you. Better control of logistics costs while improving product transportation efficiency is critical and must be taken seriously. However, what are the advantages of fulfillment center shipping for you? The order fulfillment model is very different from the traditional retail model. The order-fulfillment model allows businesses to sell products directly to customers, and a third-party logistics company processes the order for delivery. This makes your Shopify stores more flexible and more versatile.


2.Do a good job in the promotion of the Shopify stores

Of course, no matter which model you choose, because Shopify stores does not have on-site traffic, you must do a good job of off-site drainage to have more exposure and bring greater conversions. Shopify stores promotion are mainly advertising and social platforms. In the early stage of social platforms, you can cooperate with Internet celebrities, and you must find celebrities who match the product field. This way, the delivery is more accurate, and there is no need for discounts, which can bring a benefit.

3.Optimizing products for the Shopify stores

 The most important thing in the optimization of the Shopify stores are the optimization of product titles. After all, most customers find your products through search keywords and then enter. Secondly, product pictures, details, and some functional website optimization are also very important. After all, the operation experience of the website will also affect the customer’s desire to buy. Shopify stores’ components are complex and expensive. It does not mean that the charged ones are good.

Of course, many factors affect the opening of a Shopify stores. Otherwise, it will affect your store more or less, so you must learn more about Shopify stores operating rules to avoid unnecessary impact. There are also precautions such as operation and logistics that everyone must understand.

4.Do a good job in Shopify stores brand operation.

 You can use any model to do Shopify stores. Still, it is recommended that you should do the model of brand competition and not do too much to avoid product homogeneity, and it is easier to form your advantages. This is more conducive to brand development.

However, the cost of the boutique model is much higher, such as product development, delivery, etc., so the boutique model requires the seller to have enough funds, a strong supply chain, or its factory, which is easier to do well.

Advantages of Shopify Order Delivery Fulfillment Center

Improve the quality of shopify stores operations


Meet the changing buying habits of customers. Usually, after conducting many customer surveys, traditional retailers choose to purchase certain types of products and invest a lot of capital into the warehouse inventory reserves of these products. To return the funds, the retailers have to sell out all the goods. But with order fulfillment services, merchants only need to pay for the inventory that has been sold, and merchants no longer have to tie up funds for inventory, and there is no worry of lack of working capital. Moreover, this gives Shopify stores sellers the flexibility to switch suppliers and products based on consumer demand to meet consumers’ changing needs

Increase shopify stores business

More flexible business expansion Traditional retailers with a large customer base and large order volume often need to spend a lot of time stocking and shipping. However, with the advent of fulfillment centers, Shopify stores sellers can process orders easily because orders can be delivered to warehouse centers that provide order fulfillment services. At the same time, it also brings greater possibilities for retailers to expand and diversify their business. But be aware that expanding your business means more orders, you’ll have more customers, and customer service is even more important. I hope you maintain good product standards and customer service throughout this expansion.

pick and pack

Choose China CFC to fulfill your Shopify orders


You let go when you need to let go. Firstly, The order fulfillment center saves a lot of energy and time for Shopify stores sellers, and it also inspires them to learn to allocate work and allocate relatively unimportant work. Secondly, Automation offers e-commerce sellers a huge advantage, both in saving time and avoiding the mistakes that sellers can make by running their businesses. For example, the subscription-based e-commerce hosting model provides many automated functions for e-commerce. China CFC is a very professional order fulfillment center. China CFC has a super large warehouse in Shenzhen. All the services you need, China CFC can perform for you.

China CFC order fulfillment process

Firstly, the Shopify stores seller needs to arrange the 3PL company to transport the goods through the container to the warehouse designated by the freight forwarder.

Secondly, after the goods have been transported to the designated location, the Shopify stores seller can choose the designated logistics transportation method (generally, there are various methods such as sea transportation, air transportation, land transportation and railway transportation) to the CFC warehouse.

Thirdly, after the goods arrive in the destination country, the CFC warehouse staff will perform a series of operations such as unpacking, pick and pack, and warehousing of the seller’s goods.


Fourth, when a consumer places an order in the Shopify stores, the ERP system of the CFC warehouse will receive the Shopify stores,order, and the China CFC warehouse staff will sort the goods out of the warehouse according to the order information.

Fifth,after the goods are out of the warehouse, the operator of the China CFC warehouse will arrange the local logistics company to directly deliver the goods to the consumers.


Which mode is better to do? The sellers should also choose a suitable model to better guarantee their stores have better income according to their actual situation. However, China CFC is a professional fulfillment center which can provide quality fulfillment services for all Shopify stores. China CFC can also help you resume your brand image and develop your product market. If you have more questions about order fulfillment, you can contact us online. Contact us.