USPS Flat Rate Shipping For Ecommerce



Shipping rates are essential for your business to be successful and profitable. You will save money using a costly shipping method instead of affordable and efficient shipping. USPS is one of the most affordable and efficient shipping methods for your eCommerce business. Flat shipping will benefit you if you are shipping heavy items, which is unsuitable for lightweight items.  

I . What is flat rate shipping?

Flat rate shipping is the delivery price independent of the size, shape, and weight of the shipping product. USP Postal provides these USPS flat shipping services that attract most shippers worldwide. It delivers heavy-weight products at affordable prices, as the weight does not count toward the cost. flat rate shipping offers a service that takes 1-3 days for a single-rate delivery. It will ship your product for under 70 pounds at a flat rate.

Flat-rate shipping is affordable, efficient, and has a more predictable cost which can result in significant savings for small businesses. 

You don’t need to worry about weight, but it does not mean you can parcel anything. There are some restricted products that you can not ship through USPS flat shipping services, such as alcohol, drugs, explosives, gasoline, etc. 

1. Advantages of flat rate shipping:

Flat-rate shipping is advantageous for beginners and small business owners for the following reasons.

  • You can ship your products using flat rates if your package is under 70 pounds. So, you don’t need to worry about weight and calculate the importance of every parcel. Just take a USPS box and pack your product. 
  • You don’t need to purchase shipping insurance when using flat-rate shipping. Your expenses will be paid if the contents are lost and are worth $50 or less. Each fixed-cost bundle comes with automatic insurance for up to $50. 
  • They may even add a certificate of shipping products for assurance. 
  • You can drop your packed USPS box at any USPS office.
  • You can track your parcel by simply entering a package number. They will tell you the exact location of your property.
  • Flat-rate shipping prices remain consistent throughout the year. So it is easy for you to determine whether you are giving your customer free delivery option or not. Knowing your actual shipping expenses and the extent to which they reduce your profit margins makes it easier for you to decide.  

2. Disadvantages of flat rate shipping:

Flat-rate shipping also has some drawbacks that are mentioned here;

  • Those who want their products faster may become irritated if you only provide flat-rate delivery, while others may not like the price. 
  • A significant drawback of flat-rate services is that delivery dates are only sometimes guaranteed, which can significantly affect the experience after the sale.
  • Great packaging that increases customer engagement is usually lost in flat-rate shipping. With flat-rate shipping, you might miss the opportunity to establish brand familiarity and trust with consumers.

3. Situations good to use flat rate shipping:

  • You are shipping a lot of small-sized and heavy-weight products.
  • Flat-rate shipping saves you from having to pay an additional fee to cross various shipping zones if you have one warehouse that sends orders throughout the country.
  • Flat-rate shipping benefits brands that use self-fulfillment since it maintains uniform pricing, reduce fulfillment expenses, and improves the packing process.

4. Situations that are not good to use flat rate shipping:

  • When you are shipping small and lightweight products, it will be expensive for you.
  • If your shipping zones are closer to your business, then it will be costly as rates are fixed. 
  • Flat-rate shipping does not provide the facility for customization.
  • You need more than flat-rate shipping if you want to streamline and have end-to-end control over your order. 

II. How does flat-rate shipping work? Three steps

Flat-rate shipping is independent of the product’s weight, size, and shape. It depends on how much you can fit into the box provided by USPS. Products deliver within three days through flat-rate shipping, but shipping time may vary according to the parcel’s destination. These actions allow eCommerce enterprises to ship their items for a fixed charge. They use Priority Mail to deliver products. 

The following steps are used in flat rate shipping service. 

  1. Get a shipping box from any USPS office instead of buying your box. It varies in size from small to medium and large. The maximum weight which you can pack in one package is 70 pounds. 
  2. Now pack your product in a USPS box and label your delivery address. 
  3. You may mail your flat rate box with Priority Mail by bringing it to a USPS location.

III. How much is USPS flat-rate shipping?

The expense of USPS flat-rate shipping depends on the box which you select. Usually, three-size boxes are present at the USPS office; small, medium, and large. The estimated cost of each box is mentioned here. 

  • A small flat box with dimensions 8 11/16″ x 5 7/16″ x 1 3/4″ cost around $750.
  • Medium flat box with dimensions 11 1/4″ x 8 3/4″ x 6″ costs around $12 to $15.
  • Medium flat box with dimensions 14″ x 12″ x 3 1/2″ also costs around $12 to $15.
  • Large box with dimensions 12 1/4″ x 12 1/4″ x 6″ costs around $17 to $20.

IV. Why use flat-rate shipping for eCommerce?

An eCommerce company will incur most of the expenses in shipping. So the company’s profit margins will be low as the shipping prices are high. This is why it’s essential to decide on a shipping plan for your eCommerce business that should be efficient and affordable.

Flat-rate shipping is the most reliable method for wholesalers or retailers trying to streamline their shipping strategy and fulfillment process. Flat-rate shipping may save you money, so it is an excellent option to meet your business’s particular requirements. However, this does not imply that flat-rate shipping is a universally applicable option for all eCommerce companies. It is up to wholesalers or retailers to compare several flat-rate shipping choices and choose which postal service best fits their shipping plan.

FedEx, UPS, and USPS are comparable flat-rate shipping services; however, they have some differences. USPS and UPS are most affordable when you want to ship to multiple areas. However, FedEx does not permit shipping across numerous zones at the same fee as USPS and UPS. FedEx will cost you more than required if your clients are dispersed throughout the country. Although FedEx is undoubtedly the most cost-effective choice for sending domestically.

Both FedEx and USPS insist on using their packaging. Although using USPS flat rate boxes for free may significantly reduce your shipping expenses, branding opportunities may be missed by using their packaging. UPS allows you to use your package, but you will be responsible for the associated costs.

Flat-rate shipping is one of the best options for eCommerce businesses for many reasons.

  • In standard shipping methods, shipping cost usually increases as the shipping distance is more extended and farther from the shipping zone, so flat-rate shipping gives you an option to ship your products at affordable prices regardless of length. 
  • Cost is measured by multiplying the products’ height, length, and weight. Usually, the weight and size of products calculate the cost of shipping. Shipping cost also increases as the weight and size of shipping item increase, so with a flat rate, shipping size and weight do not matter. This is the best affordable option to ship your heavy products.
  • Flat-rate shipping service is more affordable and reliable than regular shipping services. It would help if you compared flat rate shipping costs with other shipping services that you used before so you may get a clear idea of what will be more beneficial for your eCommerce. If your products are under 70 pounds and you use other more costly services, then you can use flat-rate shipping, which will save you money. 

V. Flat rate shipping FAQs

1. How does flat-rate shipping work?

Flat-rate shipping is a simple and reliable service. You simply weigh your product and determine the size of your product. Then get a USPS box from any USPS office, pack your product, label the address where to ship it, and then deliver it to any USPS office. 

2. Is flat-rate shipping cheaper?

Flat-rate shipping is more cost-effective as you can send any product regardless of size, shape, or weight. You can send any product under 70 pounds at the same rate. But the weight limit should be 70 pounds. 

3. How long does it take to get flat-rate shipping?

Flat rate shipping usually takes 1-3 days to deliver a parcel. However, distance and situations can vary delivery time. 

4. What is free flat-rate shipping?

Free flat-rate shipping is the service USPS providers provide to eCommerce clients. They didn’t count the cost of the packages that were sent out.