What Are Logistics Services? How They Optimize Your Business


Efficient and effective logistics services are the key to a business’s profitability and success. In 2020 the logistics market was 8.6 trillion US dollars in the world. This refers to the popularity and extensive use of logistical services by businesses worldwide.


This blog focuses on the general understanding and the critical aspects of logistics services and their use in e-commerce business optimization.


If you are an e-commerce business owner or planning to start your own business, you must have heard about logistics services.

What are logistics services?

Logistics services are the process of:

  • Planning
  • Implementing and
  • Controlling

They can ensure the efficient and effective transportation of goods and services. Unlike a simple vehicle, logistical services involve inbound, outbound, internal, and external movements. The primary purpose of effective logistical services is to ensure that the final product conforms with the end customer’s requirements.


Now that the meaning of logistics services is clear, you must also know the prevalent types of logistics services. Logistical services are of the following four types:

1. Port Services

Logistic companies who operate at large scale use port services. Such companies usually own and manage their ports by using the:

  • Port warehousing services
  • Jetty
  • Berthing service or
  • Navigation service

2. Cargo Handling

This type of logistical service involves the use of cargo and ships for the transportation of goods.

3. Freight Forwarding

Companies that use freight and logistics services use three modes for transporting goods: land, sea, and air. They provide all services and facilities from trucking service to air freight and customs clearance.

4. Third-Party Logistics:

3PL means outsourcing a company’s logistical functions to other companies. Third-party logistics companies provide customized solutions considering the supply chain needs of a particular business. Third-party logisti9cs or 3PL perform all or some of the company’s functions, such as:

  • Transportation of goods
  • Warehouse facilities
  • IT services
  • Distributions of goods and
  • Fulfillment services

In contrast to the other types, a 3PL service logistics arrangement is more beneficial and collaborative. A3PL performance between a logistical services provider and a business is more long-term and mutually beneficial.


Order processing:

When a customer orders, the logistics service provider ensures that the product is in stock. After confirmation, the product is collected from the inventory. It is then sent to the sorting area for quality inspection, after quality check and packaging, whether the product is delivered to the customer or it is stored in the warehouse.

Order processing is among the essential steps in service logistics. It is because every business aims to deliver top products in the shortest time possible.

Warehouse Facilities:

Warehouse facilities in logistical services involve the shipping and receiving of physical inventory. In more advanced terms, it might affect other important functions such as:

  • Pest control
  • Handling issues related to damaged goods
  • Safety policies and
  • Workforce management

Efficient warehouse service results in accurate tracking of inventory and fewer returns.


Four modes of transportation are used for speedy freight and logistics services, i.e., air, sea, water, and land. The appropriate mode of transport selection depends on the destination and the type of goods.

Businesses for planning, executing and optimizing their transportation functions Management System (TMS). A TMS uses technology to optimize and implements the transportation process. It ensures that the shipment complies with regulations and that proper documentation is available for clearance purposes.


Packaging has a significant impact on logistical services in a supply chain. Good packaging generates value for a product and produces adverse environmental effects. It also causes a reduction in the cost of services and logistics. This indicates the importance of packaging function in services logistics.


You only know the worth of working with a logistical service provider if you know the benefits. In 2020 alone, the 3PL market size was 961.8 Billion US Dollars worldwide.

This indicates the prevalence of trends on a large scale worldwide or working with logistics service providers. The following benefits contribute to this trend:

  1. Working with logistical service providers saves businesses a lot of time. When all essential functions, from product picking to shipping and fulfillment, are handed over to logistic services providers, business owners can focus on other important areas, such as marketing. They can also use this time to scale their business.

2. Handling logistical services might hinder the growth probabilities of a business. Business owners are primarily unaware of hidden costs such as shipping costs, warehouse management costs, etc. Working with experienced logistical service providers lets them focus on their growth by taking care of all these costs.

3. Various other perks usually accompany logistical services. Logistics companies, because of their connections, avail bulk shipping discounts. Consequently, leading to a decrease in the shipping cost. This leads to an increase in business revenues.


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The present logistics services models go above and beyond the traditional 3PL model. It is a combination of e-commerce fulfillment and third-party logistics. It has the mutual benefits of being less time-consuming and more cost-effective. Thus, an efficient logistics service is mandatory for a business’s success.