What is Grade a Warehousing


Maybe you will ask: “What is grade a warehousing?” However, first of all, warehouse logistics is a sub-field of order fulfillment centers, and its functions include essential functions, value-added functions, and social functions. Multiple warehouse nodes will be involved in the entire commodity supply chain, which requires the warehouse to have an excellent adjustment effect. There are three warehousing and logistics management forms, and China CFC Fulfillment is the most common 3PL company. It is also transforming into a grade warehouse.

The definition of grade a warehousing

Grade A warehouses’ difference lies in their fire resistance grades. Further, the fact is that order fulfillment centers have different requirements for warehouse management in China. Maybe you will ask: “What is grade a warehousing?” The more strict the order fulfillment center is for its warehouse management to meet the Class A warehouse standards, the more popular it is for Chinawarehouses. China CFC’s warehouse is preparing to approach a Class A warehouse.

The common grade a warehouse models

1.Classified by fire hazard

  • Grade A warehouse
  • B grade warehouse
  • C grade warehouse
  • D grade warehouse
  • E grade warehouse

2. Classification by the warehouse management system

  • Self-use warehouse
  • Public warehouse
what is a grade a warehousing

3. Classification by warehouse use

  • Procurement Supply Warehouse
  • Wholesale warehouse
  • Retail warehouse
  • Reserve warehouse
  • Transit warehouse
  • Processing warehouse
  • Bonded warehouse

4. Classification according to the characteristics of the goods in custody

  • Raw materials warehouse
  • Product warehouse
  • Refrigerated warehouse
  • Constant temperature warehouse
  • Dangerous goods Warehouse
  • Surface warehouse
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5. Classification according to the structure of the warehouse

  • Single story warehouse
  • Multi-story warehouse
  • Three-dimensional warehouse
  • Silo warehouse
  • Open yard warehouse

6. According to the number of storage items

  • Comprehensive warehouse
  • Professional warehouse

7. Classification by warehouse storage conditions

  • Common warehouse
  • Variable temperature warehouse
  • Special warehouse
  • Air-conditioned warehouse

8. Classification by the warehouse building structure

  • Closed warehouse
  • Semi-enclosed warehouse

Running a successful warehouse.

1. Make a warehouse operation plan

How can we create a global-grade warehouse? Many experts have the same view. First and foremost, China warehouse hires well-trained and dedicated employees. At the same time, an order fulfillment center has suitable warehousing technology or fulfillment systems. An excellent fulfillment center must be customer-centric, with great planning and warehouse optimization.

Secondly, some experts suggest: On the one hand, choosing the geographical location of the China warehouse is also very important. On the other hand, Class A warehouses worldwide are more concerned with process than storage. Experts believe that Class A warehouses should be able to process and fulfill orders in high volumes efficiently. At the same time, e-commerce order fulfillment costs the least amount of money. Therefore, global Class A warehouses should be driven by technology rather than human resources, and you should appreciate intelligence more than physical strength.

Thirdly, although warehouse personnel are an essential factor, China warehouse technology is to increase the productivity of the order fulfillment process. The grade a warehouse will go all out to fulfill order regulations. At the same time, by using appropriate operation tools, the order fulfillment center can formulate the best pick-up route to improve the operational efficiency of the warehouse.

2. Reasonable warehousing logistics service

what is a grade a warehousing

Repackaging and fulfillment order sizes determine our logistics and transportation model. The grade a warehouse must have best-in-class operational processes that drive order productivity and improve inventory accuracy while ensuring that the right products are sorted, packed, and shipped to suitable locations. These factors make warehouse management outstanding, and warehouse management needs to form a comprehensive solution to provide the most convenient services.

The optimization of storage facilities is crucial. The fulfillment center needs to build a suitable facility to optimize storage space efficiency. At the same time, how to layout on the warehouse floor is fundamental. The warehouse is mainly divided into five areas. Maybe you will ask: “What is grade a warehousing?”However, the right warehouse equipment can cover business needs, guarantee efficiency and cut costs. Warehousing requires the right tools to fulfill orders efficiently, accurately, and correctly. Optimal warehouse management requires comprehensive coordination and coordination of various factors.

3. Understand customer needs

what is a grade a warehousing

How can we improve running a successful warehouse? Our China CFC Warehousing said that customer requirement are essential for improving warehouse operations. Fulfillment centers must pay close attention to customer needs and often listen to suggestions and opinions. Maybe you will ask: “What is grade a warehousing?”Therefore, China’s warehouse is constantly trying to improve. This improvement is aimed at operating and managing the customer’s business and identifying what improvements the customer needs to make to improve the efficiency of the entire supply chain. 

 Due to their intellectual property rights, the drive for continuous improvement comes from within 3PL’s software systems. 80% of the advancements in the China warehouse system come from within. These improvements include making database queries more customer-friendly, upgrading hardware platforms and operating systems to keep up with current technological trends, and changing code to improve warehouse productivity.

Improvements from customer need mainly include new customers requiring specialized functions and customized communication methods. There are three options when fulfilling an order:

  • Use the customer’s existing information system in the 3PL company’s warehouse.
  • Use the technique licensed by the 3PL company to the customer.
  • Combine the characteristics of the 3PL company and customer technology.

This shipment choice is a customized solution for customers.

4. Set the reference index


When the 3PL logistics company and the customer sign the logistics business outsourcing contract, the contract stipulates the reference index of their operation and the warehouse grade. Maybe you will ask: “What is grade a warehousing?”This advantage is actually what the customer chooses the 3PL logistics company to accomplish. For China CFC, the critical reference indicator is successful order fulfillment. However, in the process of warehousing operation, China CFC hopes that all employees can reach the operation target. In this way, the China warehouse can guarantee the stock rate.

However, the best warehousing operations globally have some level of loss or loss of goods. But in the consumer goods market, the companies that do the best with their margins are usually between 98% and 99.96%. Some of the company’s primary business is the logistics of consumer goods, so there is a particular focus on inventory accuracy. With more and more supply chains in the retail industry, 3PL logistics companies are now looking more and more popular. Because 3PL logistics companies, like China CFC, can provide one-stop order fulfillment services. Many e-commerce companies prefer to work with 3PL companies.

5. Become the most critical factor in the grade a warehouse

what is a grade a warehousing

 Fulfilling any order business requires excellent operational management. In terms of service, the human element is crucial, and it is the most vital factor to become the grade a warehouse successfully. The human element will affect the fulfillment warehousing process. The process of China CFC operating warehousing is very efficient. China CFC can provide world-class fulfillment warehousing services through a simple system and smart, dedicated staff.

 If the fulfillment system is excellent, but the workforce is undertrained and unmotivated, the China warehouse will face an operational disaster. CFC has a competent, well-trained, and safety-conscious workforce to manage and operate the warehouse.


Everyone at CFC has a role to play in fulfilling the warehousing process. Especially in service-oriented industries like order fulfillment, it will undoubtedly help 3PL companies grow smoothly and healthily! This article explains how to become the grade a warehouse from different perspectives. Everything is more accessible than done, and their words contain many insights. China CFC is fulfilling!