One-Stop China Order Fulfillment Service

CFC-China Fulfillment Center is a professional China order fulfillment center.

CFC-China Fulfillment Center can provide you with one-stop order fulfillment service and develop more overseas business for you.

You sell, we fulfill!

 Five-step order fulfillment process in CFC

Step One: China Warehouse Inventory & Order Fulfillment

Sending the inventory to CFC-China Fulfillment Center from you.
After that, China CFC will offer you the best China warehouse service.
And during the order fulfillment process, you need not do anything. Shenzhen, CFC helps you to ship.
As long as you have orders to fulfill and ship continuously, CFC can offer you at least three months of free warehousing. And no hidden fee.
Our order fulfillment system can automatically download your orders by integrating with eCommerce platforms (Shopify, Woocommerce, etc.) via API. Of course, you also can send the orders list via file.

Step Two: Pick and Pack

China CFC’s warehouse fulfillment system shows the location of inventory items to help Shenzhen warehouse staff pick items quickly.
China CFC’s warehouse packing team uses high-quality packing materials for each product. Meanwhile, we choose suitable size packages to ensure parcels are convenient shipping.
However, suppose you have special requests for the package of your item, Shenzhen. In that case, Shenzhen warehouse staff also use custom packages for your orders in the right way to ensure the safety of parcels during shipping.

Step Three: Shipping

After the pick and pack, China CFC will be ready to ship out most of the orders on the same day. And your Shopify order fulfillment management system will receive the order status.
We can customize shipping solutions based on your requirements with multiple global shipping options from China to worldwide. Of those, CFC will try its best to save your shipping cost. Therefore, if you cooperate with CFC, 99 percent of parcels less than 2 KG do not need the tax.

Step Four: China Logistics Tracking

After the shipment, China CFC will update the tracking number to the China order fulfillment system. You and your customers can real-time track the orders’ status online.
Of course, China CFC cooperates with so many located logistics companies worldwide. If there are any problems with the logistics of the item, you can give feedback to China CFC to check. China CFC service will reply and solve within 24 hours. Meanwhile, we will keep updating the orders to you if we get any feedback from the overseas to cooperate team partner.

Step Five: After-Sale Return Orders Service

The last step in the entire China order fulfillment process is the after-sale return service, the last but very important.
Although China CFC is not a logistics company, CFC is a China 3PL company. China CFC cooperates with local logistics companies worldwide. CFC-China Fulfillment Center can solve your problem with after-sales services such as other customers need to exchange or return, which will increase your customers’ satisfaction. The advantages of China CFC can provide a solid promise for you.


CFC Fulfillment Fees – No Hidden Fees!

cost of receiving your product

Receiving- Free

The cost of receiving your product into inventory, inspecting it, counting it, and placing it in the warehouse is free.

Order Fulfillment- $0.35-$0.79

The cost of physically going to the warehouse to pick, package, and prepare each order for shipment.

Package bag cost

Package bag cost- $0.1-$2

The cost of any additional packaging or boxes used to prepare your orders for shipment.(Accpet Custom Packaging)

Shipping cost

Shipping cost- Get your Quotes

The cost of shipping your product from the warehouse to the end customer

Storage and Warehousing

Storage and Warehousing- $0.35/day/cbm3

The cost of storing your product in the warehouse on pallets, the floor, or bins.

Make Inventory

Make Inventory once month- Free

The cost of confirm the actual inventory quantity, provide data in time, and ensure the fulfillment of orders

Data Analysis

Data Analysis- Free

resource exchange, information sharing, Help you increase sales and build your own business.

Returns Fees

Returns Fees- Not Currently available

The cost of receiving and returned product, inspecting it, and either returning it to inventory or disposing of it

Dedicated Support Team

Dedicated Support Team- Free


One-to-One 24-hour service

Professional China Order Fulfillment Service

China CFC always provide first-class order fulfillment service to every clients.


China CFC is a third-party logistics company that cooperates with many China logistics companies. China CFC will also offer multiform shipping methods during the order fulfillment process.
We specialize in China order fulfillment service for online sellers, global E-commerce sellers and crowdfunding projects sellers, etc. For example, we are now working with sellers on platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce, etc.


Our China order fulfillment process mainly includes printing order info, picking products, packing products, and shipping. After confirming all the details of the order fulfillment process, your orders will be fulfilled in one or two business days.If your products have special requirements in the China warehouse & order fulfillment process, we can provide you with customized China fulfillment services.


We have a professional order fulfillment service team that can fulfill your order fulfillment process. And it also delivers to your global end-customers by custom satisfactory shipping methods.
When your store on Shopify has an order notification, CFC’s professional order fulfillment service team will take charge of the Shopify order fulfillment. And if you want to look through the order status, you only need to go to the Shopify order fulfillment management system because CFC will sync the real-time order status to you.