Pick and Pack Services China & Repackaging 

CFC’s repackaging warehouse locates in Shenzhen, China.

CFC offers the most excellent China pick and pack services and repackages with items logo.

CFC achieves the shortest transit time with lower service charges.

Customized Service

We only fulfill what you need.


Repackage Service

China CFC has always provided repackaging services with logos. We can help you quickly fulfill all pick and pack services China and repacking China service needs from warehousing to order fulfillment. The object of warehousing services is mainly small parcel bags. China CFC has extensive experience in logo repacking and order fulfillment projects. The services allow China CFC to ensure close contact with the client. Especially if you want to avoid paying for repackaging from Shopify or WooCommerce, CFC can help. Whatever custom packaging needs or standards, China CFC’s experts can get your product ready to ship on time. The repackaging service of the China CFC warehouse will regularly check the cargo warehoused to ensure that no damaged products have entered the hands of consumers.

Customized Shipping Solution

We have selected to cooperate with several major logistics companies with the most advantageous in the market based on our rich experience in logistics. We have the most competitive logistics prices and stable & fast shipping time to guarantee the customer’s inspirational shopping experience. More than 60 different shipping methods are available, we will customize a suitable shipping method for you according to your specific requirements for logistics costs and shipping time. CFC is also a China 3PL company that provides 3PL pick and pack services. Therefore, China CFC’s customized services are mainly to shorten transit time and increase the safety and reliability of commodity transportation.

China Intelligent Fulfillment System

Our China fulfillment system supports integrating with multiple e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, Amazon, etc. The China fulfillment system can automatically receive your orders from your store. And after the pick and pack of the goods and shipping, our warehouse staff will upload the tracking numbers to your store. If you have a US overseas warehouse and don’t need us to fulfill all US orders, our system can automatically fulfill the rest.For example, after receiving the order notifications, the China fulfillment system excludes your products delivered in the United States and immediately repackages your product with the logo on it. After executing the pick and pack service, the China CFC warehouse staff will deliver your products to your customers in the world.

Build and Expand Your Brand

We can fulfill orders that include custom packaging requests. We can also provide customers with more brand value-added services, such as putting your logo sticker before product pick and pack printing the brand logo on the packaging bag or box. And we can also put thank you cards or activity cards in each package to increase customers’ secondary purchases. The establishment of the brand is reflected in every detail. We will help you expand the brand during China order fulfillment and bring more sales.


1. Will it be repackaged with our product logo before shipping?

Yes, we will repackage your product with a package printed on your product logo according to your request before shipping.

3.What are DDP & DDU?

DDU is Delivered Duty Unpaid; DDP is Delivered Duty Paid. CFC Fulfillment Center has more than ten years of experience in DDU and DDP operations. Whether you are looking for sea, air, or land freight from China to the world, we can meet your needs.

4. You ship worldwide with DHL express?

We also have other faster channels for worldwide shipping.

5.What is a pick and pack warehouse?

It is mainly to provide warehousing sorting and warehousing packaging services. When the fulfillment system receives the order notification, the warehouse manager will pick and pack the corresponding product. So, you can also understand it as pick and pack servcies China.