Le guide de l’utilisation des services d’enlèvement et d’emballage en Chine


If you need pick and pack services China and are eager to learn more about the pick and pack services, you’ve come to the right place. The ultimate guide will tell you about choosing to pick and pack services China. It’ll start with definitions, then briefly cover the pick and pack process. And It also refers to the benefits of using the pick and pack services China for your e-commerce. It’ll recommend three order fulfillment centers so that you make informed decisions about choosing the suitable pick and pack companies.

What are pick and pack services?

Pick and pack refers to the process of choosing items from orders and placing them in a shipping container. However, pick and pack service is an integral part of the order fulfillment process. It is also inseparable from warehousing services. This pick and pack process eliminates the need to repackage for shipping and makes packing easier.This pick and pack process is ideal for small cargoes. Oversized cargo will usually require that the items be taken from the warehouse first and then repackaged with a logo.

The benefits of using the pick and pack services

When you fulfill an order in e-commerce, your customers may demand fast delivery. Although information technology advances, logistics companies may not comply with this requirement. These logistics companies can promise the speed and efficiency of delivery. When an order is not delivered on time, the logistics company may blame your side of the pick and pack process. While you may be familiar with the term « pick and pack, » if you choose to pick and pack companies to serve your e-commerce business, which will bring more profit income.

The specific benefits are as follows:

  • E-commerce business completes faster.
  • Online sales are more profitable.
  • Better customer satisfaction.
  • Better product management.

Pick and pack process

When e-commerce sellers hand over e-commerce order business to an order fulfillment center, after receiving the order notification, the order fulfillment center starts to repackage your products to ensure that your products are delivered to customers safely and without damage. Therefore, the pick and pack process is also necessary for order fulfillment services. After picking items, warehouse staff syncs the delivered order fulfillment system and selects the suitable packing materials to repackage products with logo. The pick and pack process is end.

There are mainly the following five steps:

  • Step one Process order notifications
  • Step two Pick items
  • Step three Repackage with logo
  • Step four Update fulfillment system order info
  • Step five Excute Shipment

How to Choose Pick and Pack Services China

You need to know that the quality of pick and pack services will definitely affect the service quality of an order fulfillment center. Therefore, we will discuss how to choose a suitable order fulfillment center with pick and pack services as the main factor. The following main aspects:

1.Pick and pack warehouse management

custom packaging

However, pick and pack warehouse management also needs attention. When receiving the inventory, it may be easy for warehouse personnel to screen and sort orders and pick and pack items. But after a while, if warehouse personnel does not regularly count and organize the warehousing goods. Then the pick and pack warehouse will become disorganized. Therefore, the logic and organization of pick and pack warehouse management are essential.

2.Pick and pack process efficiency


After picking and packing the warehouse staff, they need to repackage the goods according to the characteristics of the goods to ensure the safety of the goods during transportation. However, if this pick and pack process is non-efficiency, then you should carefully consider whether to choose this order fulfillment center. In order to improve pick and pack service efficiency, China CFC has customized different repackaging solutions according to different product characteristics. At the same time, China CFC will also customize packaging and repackage with logo according to varying requirements of customers.Therefore, I recommend you to cooperate with CFC.

3.Order Fulfillment System Stability


Order fulfillment system stability plays a role in the fulfillment of picking and packing services. This order fulfillment system is the main bridge of the fulfillment process, which is essential in order notification, processing, update, completion, etc. If the order fulfillment system has problems, it will bring you a series of troubles. Therefore, when you choose an order fulfillment center, pay attention to this.

Top 3 pick and pack companies in Shenzhen, China

1.CFC-China Fulfillment Center

CFC is a professional China warehousing & order fulfillment service provider. However, CFC is different from the other two introduced companies. Although it is not a logistics company, it is a 3PL company. But please don’t worry about cooperating with CFC. Although CFC does not have its own logistics company, CFC cooperates with logistics companies worldwide. And CFC has a complete order fulfillment system. CFC can provide you with the best quality pick and pack services China at a lower price.


Feather List

  • No hidden fee
  • Fast order processing, within 24 hours
  • Custom Logistics & Repackaging
  • Low service charges
  • Free storage fee for the first 3 months
  • No MOQ
  • 50+ different shipping channels
  • After-sales service
  • The system can be connected to the store online platform
  • Quick response from customer service, within 24 hours
  • Provide professional EU VAT consultation
  • Process customized orders
  • Provide the brand value-added services


Morning Express was established in 1987. However, Morning Express main run logistics fulfillment. So it is also called Morning Express & Logistics Limited. Meanwhile, Morning Express business offers to pick and pack services China.

Feather List

  • Provide comprehensive courier services
  • Experienced in shipping fulfillment
  • Many warehouse
  • More than 300 staff members

Services List


SINO Shipping

SINO Shipping is a freight forwarding company. Therefore, SINO Shippingmainly runs shipping fulfillment. Meanwhile, the SINO Shippingbusiness offers package services but no picking.

Feather List

  • Low exchange rate
  • Low labor cost
  • Low expenses
  • Low fees

Services List

  • Quality Control Solution
  • Product Sourcing
  • Amazon FBA
  • Freight insurance
  • Supply Chain
  • Warehousing
  • Packing services
  • Cold supply chain
  • Car regulation
  • Excess baggage
  • Moving services


To meet your e-commerce business needs and customer needs, you should have an efficient method of picking and packaging. The easiest way is to choose to pick and pack companies and let them provide pick and pack services China for you. The order fulfillment center with three super-large Shenzhen warehouses in Guangdong —CFC. China CFC will provide you with high-quality fulfillment services at a lower service price. Come on contacting CFC.