Specialized Service

You will get professional and constructive service explanation for any questions at any time. There will be a specialist who will always follow up all inquiries and answer all your questions within 24 hours if you contact us.

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Accurate Information Analysis with Easy Operation

Get your professional one-to-one consultation. You will receive your customized service from CFC team. Our ERP system integrate with 46 e-commerce platforms. Just throw yourself into sales, CFC will do the rest for you.

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Fast Order Fulfillment and Shipping

Worried about the delay of your inventory to the overseas warehouse?
We can store your inventory in our China warehouse and ship parcels from China to the end consumer from all over the world. All your requirements will be replied in 12 hours. All your orders will be fulfilled in 24 hours. We are always committed to accelerating your order fulfilling.

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Competitive Price with Impeccable Service

We work with all smart and big business. Our multiple logistic choices will really help you as a money saver. No matter what you requirements are, you will find your customized solution in CFC.

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