Who we are?

Out there when most companies are busy making attractive, over-complicated and fancy-looking ads in order to make a higher price, our owner, an order fulfillment company, on the other hand has been investing our expertise on over 10 years’ research and development to fulfill most online sellers’ request of Free warehouse services, Order fulfillment services and Global fast shipping services.


Yes, we cooperate with E-commerce sellers— global e-commerce(B2C) sellers, crowd funding projects builders, and group buy online sellers since 2009. We help e-commerce sellers shipping from China to worldwide.

What motivates CFC to begin this journey to fulfill orders?


As you know, there are so many logistics company like DHL, EUB, 4PX, China Post, etc, all of them are logistics companies, they only offer simple shipping services. The third-party order fulfillment services, free warehouse services are not the main business for them. That’s why we have been setting our sights on building something different, something that could give a tangible leg up particularly for those online sellers who are confused by the high cost but slow shipping.


‘Our wish since the day we started this company, was to make the E-commerce business more easier than ever before. I hope all the online sellers can ship the products to their customers as easy as they sell their products online. ‘ –CFC