Our Advantages

Multiple shipping methods: divided into special line, small parcel and express lines to meet your various needs. We can also customize your exclusive logistics lines and programs.

Make fulfillment simple: you only need to send the inventory, we will help you handle other things, you will be able to have more energy on business development.

Self-built ERP system´╝Üintergrated with Shopify, woocommerce, Amazon and other platforms by API to create orders and to synchronize tracking number automatically.

3 months of free storage: CFC provides free storage services for all new customers in the first three months. If your packages need to be shipped for a long time, we will extend the free storage time as much as possible, and give customers the greatest the greatest support in warehousing.

Fast order processing speed: Orders received by 13:30am CST would be guaranteed to process on the same day, so that your packages will be dispatched in time.

More value-added services: handling customized products, customized packaging boxes, pasting logo stickers on the products, and putting thank you cards or other small gifts in the package will be more helpful for brand upgrades.

One-to-one customer service: CFC focuses on communication with customers and meets customer needs as much as possible. We will also promptly answer and give reasonable suggestions when customers have any fulfillment questions.