Shipping From China To USA Cost: : Comprehensive Guide for 2024


Understanding the shipping from China to USA cost is crucial for businesses seeking efficient logistics solutions. This guide breaks down the various shipping methods, associated costs, and tips to minimize expenses.

If you want to import products from China and sell them to USA or even the world, I think you should know about the methods of shipping from China to USA and the corresponding shipping from China to USA cost. Often, their suppliers arrange to ship for them.

However, some experienced importers may have a freight forwarder they trust and will arrange to ship themselves. But shipping can be a pain for the uninitiated, especially if you need to compare different methods of shipping from China to USA and the associated costs.

Therefore, this article will share six main transport methods of shipping from China to USA and charges for shipping from China to the US. After reading this, you will be able to arrange to ship easily, whether you use your supplier’s freight forwarder or your freight forwarder.

Shipping costs are influenced by multiple factors such as fuel surcharges, tariffs, insurance, weight, volume, and seasonal variations. Understanding these can help in selecting the most cost-effective shipping method.

Part 1: How to choose the best express company shipping from china to usa.

Couriers from China to America You can find information about couriers like FedEx, UPS, and DDU. Instead, I’ll answer two important questions: When is it cheaper to use a courier? What goods can be sent by courier? Which courier company is best? Express shipping is faster and more efficient than shipping by air or sea. Shipping from China to USA cost are the same regardless of whether you ship to the western or eastern regions.

You simply need to find a courier company that will give you a fair quote and waits for your goods to arrive at your address. Courier shipping is used for approximately 95% of product samples and small quantities of high-value items. Couriers are also great for online sellers like Amazon sellers who need to replenish stock quickly. FedEx and UPS are my top choices. DHL has a slower clearance than FedEx or UPS and can have high shipping from China to US cost.

CFC ChinaFulfillment Integration

Part 2: How to calculate the cost of Shipping from China to the USA

FedEx, UPS, and DHL are all official courier prices. This is why the companies offer different discounts to their agents, typically 20% – 50% depending on how many shipments they make each year. Your Chinese supplier may not use FedEx for goods of shipping from China to USA often, so he might be able to find a courier agent at a discounted rate and have him ship the goods to the USA. You will therefore receive a lower shipping price.


Discounts can vary from agent to agent. Seasonal influences, availability on flights, etc., also affect the pricing. Courier costs can also be affected by seasonal influences, availability of planes, etc. Prices can go up rapidly during the peak season like Christmas or the month before Thanksgiving and can drop sharply during low seasons. Shipping from China to US cost can change rapidly and are subject to volatility. Ask your freight forwarder or supplier for real-time pricing and select the lowest price.

Part 3 Six methods of shipping from China to the USA and cost

1. General Express: FedEx Vs.

FedEx IP and IE shipping from China to USA cost can change often, but FedEx prices remain within a certain range. IP typically takes 2 to 3 working days, while IE takes 4-6 days. You can estimate the shipping from China to USA cost to your address using the reference prices and other factors.

Let’s now look at shipping from China to US cost for small parcels under 20 kg and larger shipments above 21kg. FedEx IP (21KG).

Table 1. FedEx IP (<21KG)

Shipping cost from china to usa per kg:

0.5-5.5KGCost $6-11KGCost $11.5-16.5KGCost $17-20.5KGCost $

Table 2. Fedex IE (<21KG)

Shipping cost from china to usa per kg:

0.5-5.5KGCost $6-11KGCost $11.5-16.5KGCost $17-20.5KGCost $

Table 3. Cargo (>21KG)

Shipping cost from China to USA per kg:

Caego WeightFedex IPFedex IE

CFC tip

FedEx cannot ship lithium batteries, powders, or liquids. FedEx cannot ship these products. You will need to find a courier agent who can deliver them to Hong Kong and then to the USA via FedEx in Hong Kong. Shipping from China to USA cost for sensitive goods can be higher than normal, typically around US$10/kg. Volumetric weight vs. the actual weight. When you courier, be sure to pay attention to the weight charged. The courier company will calculate the chargeable weight by comparing the volumetric weight to the actual weight. Volumetric weight is determined by volume. L(cm), W(cm), x H (cm),/5000

If you ship a 100 cm by 100 cm foam measuring 100 cm by 100 cm and 100 cm respectively, it will weigh 20 kg. Because the parcel is large and takes up much space, the courier will charge 200kg rather than 20kg.

FedEx will not charge you any customs duties if the merchandise is worth less than $800. You should not pay shipping from China to USA cost before you sign for your FedEx account. Then you will pay the courier once you have received the goods. Last, you should pay your supplier upfront if you ask them to ship your goods via FedEx.


2. Airlines shipping from China to the USA

Both express and air freight use aircraft to transport goods. Learn about the differences between express and air freight. What is the difference between express delivery and air freight? Express delivery is straightforward. Airfreight, however, is more complex. These are the three steps.

  • Step 1: Local logistics and export in China
  • Step 2: Airfreight from a Chinese Airport to a US Airport
  • Step 3: Local logistics and the import process to the USA

. Express delivery is better if your shipment weighs less than 300kg. What if your shipment weighs between 300 and 500 kg? FedEx, for example, is more affordable than air freight when there is more space on FedEx planes, and there are occasional discounts.

The all-inclusive price. It includes shipping from China to USA cost from China’s airport to your home. You should ask for the total cost of shipping from China to USA by air.

Table 1. Airlines shipping from China to USA cost

Shipping cost from china to usa per kg:

US West ($) ($)US East ($)
21 KG+55.25.3
51 KG+4.84.95
71 KG+
301 KG+3.944.4
501 KG+3.944.3

Table 2. Airlines shipping from China to USA cost

Shipping cost from China to USA per kg:

Ningbo – New YorkNingbo – Los Angeles
Bulk Cargo(LCL)$75/CBM$70/CBM
FCL (20”GP)$2100/Container$1500/Container
FCL (40”HQ)$2600/Container$1600/Container

Table 3. Airlines shipping from China to USA cost

Shipping cost from china to usa per kg:

US West ($)$1.50 ($)$1.60
US East ($)$1.80

Airfreight cost breakdown

You can remember the shipping from China to USA cost and ask your Chinese freight forwarder or supplier if you’re new to shipping. You can still do the shipping yourself. Airfreight charges are calculated using actual weight or volume, just like express delivery. Airfreight uses a different formula to calculate the volumetric weight. This formula is slightly different than express delivery. You should also know the costs of each component of air freight if you ship your goods. This is not an all-inclusive cost.

CFC-China Fulfillment Center tips

You must determine whether the goods will be delivered directly to your home or an airport in your country. Freight forwarders and suppliers may only give you a quote for shipping from China to USA cost from China to your destination airport. The cost per kilo of airfreight is approximately $5.50/kg if you order all-inclusive and $6.50/kg if you order express freight greater than 500kg. Although this price might seem very low, it does not include customs clearance or domestic land fees, or additional costs. This allows you to visually compare the prices.

Airfreight time is the time it takes to book, plus flight time and local delivery times in the USA. It usually takes between 4-7 days.

3. FOB shipping from China to USA cost and methods

This means that your Chinese supplier will pay for shipping from China to USA cost from China to China and exports from China. Shipping from China to USA cost from a Chinese airport to a US airport. You can consult your local freight forwarder for exact information about the cost of US customs clearance or local logistics in the USA.

4. EXW shipping methods & freight costs

EXW prices are when your supplier charges you for shipping and export services.

  • From China’s factory to China’s airport
  • From Chinese airports to US Airports
  • From the US airport to you

EXW calculates that shipping from China to USA cost equal local logistics costs, China, export costs, and air freight costs from China to the US. Some costs can be complex, as air freight prices can vary widely, and you may need to consult your accountant to determine what your costs will be. We are a top warehousing company in China and can help you source your goods and calculate your shipping from China to US cost. The CFC China fulfillment center can help source and ship goods and calculate shipping from China to US cost. We offer competitive rates and can arrange your shipment quickly. Let us help you now.

5. Sea Shipping from China into the USA

Table 1. Sea shipping from China to USA cost

Full container load20”GP40”GP40”HQ
CBM contained28CBM58CBM68CBM

Table 2. Sea shipping from China to USA cost

USA3-5CBM5-10CBM10 CBM+20”GP40”HQ
US West ($)31024018037004200 ($)340290240__
US East ($)370320260__

Shipping by sea is recommended for cargo exceeding 2 CBM (cubic meters). This is the most complicated mode of transport but doesn’t worry. This guide will simplify the process. A freight forwarder can help you transport small cargo under 15 CBM. Because your cargo load exceeds the container’s capacity, you must share a container.


LCL calculates freight rates using CBM (cubic meters). If your product weighs 12 CBM, freight is the price per CBM x 12 CBM. FCL is when you have enough cargo for one or more containers. The number of full containers is used to calculate the freight. If your shipment is large enough to fit two containers, the freight rate equals a full container * 2. A consolidated container will usually be more affordable. There are three types of containers.

All-inclusive ocean freight from China and the USA

The cost of delivery to your home is included, but not local logistics in China. Bulking cargo, I can provide prices for the Eastern, Central, and Western USA. As costs to various ports in the USA vary, I cannot provide full container prices. . Below is a table that will provide an overview of container rates based upon the CBM of cargo.

CFC-China fulfillment center tips.

During an epidemic, ocean freight rates can change rapidly. Sea freight rates can also change rapidly during an epidemic. Please email us for a current quote.

How can you use this chart to calculate a rough shipping from China to USA cost and estimate the profitability of your product products? The package size is 19cm, 23cm, x 19cm. 400 PCS = 400 x19cmx23cmx19cm/1,000,000 =3.3CBM. According to the chart, shipping from China to US cost would be $310 per cubic foot. The total freight cost would be $310*3.3CBM=$1,023.

Shipping from China to USA cost breakdown

As these terms are most commonly used, I will again explain the components of sea freight. These terms are used for nearly 90% of all transactions. Alibaba suppliers will typically provide FOB and EXW pricing. The FOB price covers the product cost and any local costs in China. Your supplier will assist you with shipping directly to the port. The remaining ocean freight you pay will be as follows: Freight = Ocean freight between Chinese port and US port + US customs clearance + local logistics within the US.

The EXW price represents the product’s cost. This will result in you paying a portion of the ocean freight. Freight = local logistics cost in China + export costs to China + ocean freight costs between Chinese port and US port + US customs clearance fees + local logistics costs.

To help you understand the shipping from China to USA cost, I have broken down the process into three steps. Each step will be shown with the associated costs.

Step 1: China Costs

This includes both the shipping from China to USA cost to China and the export cost. Bulk cargo, which is cargo that is smaller than a container load, is typically priced at US$10-30/CBM. This is dependent on the distance between the factory and port and the cargo volume. China export costs include booking fees, export operating expenses, and customs documentation. LCL (bulk, less than one container) costs $100-$200. FCL (full container), around $300. If you have a bulk cargo of 5CBM, the cost in China would be (10-$30) x $55CBM + (100-$200) $150 – $350 Sea freight costs. This is the cost to move the cargo from China to the US. The shipping company will quote sea freight, and the price may vary. If there are still enough seats, you might be eligible for a 50-60% discount. Tickets can become full price in high seasons, but tickets may be more costly.

Prices can also vary between China and different ports in the east, central, or west United States. For your convenience, I have provided the prices for Los Angeles & New York. Remember that the real-time quote will determine the cost.

Step 2: Local costs in the USA

Smart and efficient shipping solutions (SFUC & AFUC). This includes US customs clearance and duties as well as local logistics costs within the USA. It is best to contact a US customs clearing company or a local freight forwarder for this cost. It will be easier and more efficient.

Step 3 SFUC – Sea UPS Combined

Shipping by sea takes approximately 30-45 days. Local logistics in the USA can be slow, and this is in addition to the time it takes for sea freight to arrive. However, not all freight forwarders offer this service, and the name isn’t common in English.

First, a Chinese freight forwarder can help you ship your goods via traditional ocean freight to your closest port. UPS will then handle the logistics within the USA. This ensures that your goods arrive at your home as soon as possible after they have arrived at the port. This will reduce the delivery time by at least ten working days. Because of its speedy delivery and efficient customs clearance, SFUC is the best way to ship directly from China. Some freight forwarders may charge an additional fee for items with a higher tax burden, like textiles and hardware.

CFC-China fulfillment center tips

SFUC freight charges by the kilo and not by the container or CBM, as with traditional ocean freight. UPS delivers the freight to the US port upon arrival. This is unlike ocean freight that is delivered by truck. The courier charges by the kilo. AFUC stands for Air Freight UPS Combinated Air Freight UPS. This means that your goods will be delivered first by air, and then UPS will take care of delivery within the USA. Although it is less expensive than express, it takes no longer than courier. Express delivery takes 3-5 days. Airfreight takes 4-7 days, while AFUC takes 11-15 days. For a live quote, please contact us. Although AFUC isn’t the most popular shipping method, it can be used if Amazon FBA and other e-commerce platforms need immediate replenishment.

6. ePacket Shipping methods and shipping from China to USA cost for

Many people are familiar with ePacket and China Post parcels. They can be viewed as the cheapest way to send from China to the USA. There is not much information on the costs and how to use these methods online. These two methods are not useful for drop shippers as they are slow, cheap, and can only be used for small parcels.

Table of ePacket cost

From China to USA
Fixed Fee /package$2.17
Charge/weight (g)$0.01
Starting Weight50g
Weight Limit2000g

Epacket shipping from China to USA costs to the US from China

FedEx IP is the most cost-effective way to send a small parcel weighing about 2kg. It’s an international courier service from China Postal Express & Logistics. It will cost $45. ePacket is a cheaper option. You may have shopped on Aliexpress or eBay to find out that many Chinese sellers ship their products direct to your door via ePacket.

Transit time from China to America

It takes approximately 8-14 days to arrive in the USA for a parcel. However, in exceptional cases, you might not receive your parcel for up to 1-2 months. These cases can lead to delays of up to 1-2 months in transit. ePacket’s delivery times can be very unpredictable as a result. A damaged parcel’s barcode can cause it to be lost in transit. You may not be able to find the parcel or determine if it was lost during transit. ePackage officials state that delivery takes on average 7-10 days. China Post is not responsible for any delays beyond that time.

CFC-China Fulfillment Center tips

These goods are also prohibited from being transported according to international airline regulations. Despite these limitations, ePacket is an affordable transport service that many people will use to save money. This shipping method is popular for direct sales. It has a variable transit time. China Post won’t pay you compensation if your parcel gets lost unless you have insurance. It is also not the most common shipping method in China, and a small number of e-commerce sellers only use it.

If you’re from the USA and wish to purchase 100 carbon pens on Aliexpress or Dhgate, Your parcel should weigh approximately 2kg. Express delivery is not an option if you aren’t in a rush to get the goods. A postal parcel is a better option. As the goods are not very valuable, they can lose the parcel even if it is lost for a few months.


Part 4: How long to ship from China to us? Delivery times for different transport methods

Sea freight takes about 1-2 months. Airfreight & sea freight takes one month. Airfreight takes 15 days. China Post cannot guarantee delivery times, and transit times do not include time spent in customs. You can view the prices of Postal Parcel on their official website using Google Translate. The chart is below. To see the exact price, enter the information. Notice: Postal Parcel has a maximum weight of 30kg. However, you have to accept the risk that your goods may be lost or delayed for a long time.


CFC is the most reputable warehousing firm in Shenzhen. Our warehouse team will pack, ship worldwide, and deliver to you when you place an e-commerce order. We have dedicated warehouse staff that can provide you with an all-in-one solution, whether you’re an experienced eCommerce seller and/or a novice to eCommerce. It will help you lower your shipping from China to USA cost and choose the best shipping method for your shipment. You will also save time and money for your e-commerce company. Contact the CFC-China fulfillment center.