E-commercial Sellers’ How to Find a 3PL Fulfillment center in China

Why we suggest the e-commerce sellers to ship parcels from the place of production?

In the e-commerce world, third-party logistics providers play a huge role in the transportation and distribution of products.

Many e-commerce sellers ship goods to overseas warehouses before selling them, the delivery time will be more quicker.

But in this year, the demand for sea and air transport remains high, very hard to get the containers and the shipping cost is still high.
In addition, the delivery time is very long by sea now, so it is necessary to prepare the goods for a long time in advance.

How we can solve this problem?
There are more channels for sending small packages, so it is a good choice to ship the parcels from one warehouse in the place of production.

As we all know, many products are made in China. How to choose a Chinese order fulfillment center?

Proximity: Find the Right 3PL fulfillment warehouse

When you plan to do the order fulfillment in China, the first thing is to find a good order fulfillment center.

The warehouse needs to have complete order processing facilities.
The warehouse space should be big enough and it will be free or low stockage cost to store your runing inventory.
Your products will also arrive faster at your warehouse for processing/storage.

Warehouse System Needs

The warehouse needs a ERP system to handle orders.
For example, can set up the logistics channel you required; can calculate your Inventory; can do the connection with your shops.
Need to make the cooperation very smooth – you are responsible for selling, the warehouse is responsible for shipping.

Good Customer Service

Customer service is an important part of the fulfillment since you may need to get a timely response from the warehouse.
For example, change any shipping information before shipping or check any tracking information.
Try to get a sense of what customer service is like after you start to ship the goods from the place of production.

Finally, cfulfillmentc.com is one of the China fulfillment center.