The Trends in E-commerce Order Fulfillment


The latest logistics situation

Due to the impact of the COVID 19, this year’s situation of global supply chain is congestion, shortage of containers, shipping warehouse explosion, ect. However, the freight soaring has been continuing all over the world, which has not been effectively alleviated.

Unfortunately, the new novel Coronavirus strain of Ormica has occured in recently.

In view of the spread of it, some countries have declared an emergency lockdown that closing their borders to all foreign visitors.  It maybe will bring a new round of impact to the shipping.

What do you think of the present shipping situation?

How to avoid delayed delivery?

As we all know, ship the goods by sea is not only expensive, but also takes a long time now.

With shipping situation is so tight, how should e-commerce sellers solve the problem of delayed delivery?

We think the best way would be to fulfill and ship the small parcels to the end customers from the place of production.

If your products are made in China, it is more convinent to ship the small parcels from China warehouse to all over the world.

For example:

  1. You can start to ship the parcels when you have some products but need not to wait for all the products are made.
  2. The delivery time will be saved more because the parcels will be shipped from China directly to the end customers. It save the first journey time that from China to the oversea warehouse.
  3. It also will save some cost. Because if you will ship the parcels from oversea warehouse, you need to ship the goods from China to the oversea warehouse first.

If you would like a guide on how to find a 3PL warehouses or fulfillment center in China?

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