The Best China Order Fulfillment Service For e-Commerce


If you are looking for the best china order fulfillment service to deliver products to China, you have come to the right place. We know that most merchants are looking for;

  • Low prices for pick and pack services
  • Lower shipping rates
  • Online reporting and status of delivery
  • Real-time tracing
  • Reliability

1. List of China order fulfillment services

Here is a brief description of China order fulfillment services that you should look for;

a. Low-cost pick and pack

The CFC fulfillment service provides competitive rates compared to the market; this would allow you to save money and spend it elsewhere where it matters more. ECommerce fulfillment does not have to pay any extra taxes or fees to the government in your own country. Hence, the picking service shouldn’t cost too much. However, the packing relies on some reasons. For example, this time required and the quality offered.

b. Discounted shipping rates

CFC fulfillment services offer comparatively lower shipping rates for merchants. CFC fulfillment services have a lot of shipments dispatched for other countries; hence it ends up offering discounted rates if you are a frequent customer.

c. One-click synchronization of online reports and orders

Convenience is the motto of CFC services. You needn’t call customer support to get info about the shipment of your products. You can check the latest status and sync all your products orders with just one click.

d. Tracking numbers

It is essential to track your items and shipments in real-time with the service of the CFC eCommerce fulfillment center, you can get tracking numbers for all your shipments, and you can use them to stay on track. CFC order fulfillment service doesn’t rely on traditional notifying services; with the help of tracking numbers, you can stay updated all the time.

e. Inventory management

CFC order fulfillment process also integrates inventory management tools. You can arrange and manage your items and shipments and everything else you desire. CFC order fulfillment service offers this full service that is very helpful for merchants when dealing with a large number of shipments.

2. Effective global delivery of orders

China order fulfillment services are in high- demand nowadays. Similarly, trade has started to normalize and increase by every passing month after the pandemic. Hence, most china order fulfillment services were experiencing delays in their deliveries. However, at CFC china’s order fulfillment service, effectiveness is the number one priority.

CFC order fulfillment service understands that it is essential to deliver shipments on time. Merchants lose money if the shipment is delayed. CFC China order fulfillment service ensures products are delivered on time and without any issues.

It is also vital to keep the products intact and safe. Some shipment service end up damaging the items, this could also lead to serious damages incurred by the merchant. CFC china fulfillment service makes sure that the products are adequately packed and each shipment is sent safely. CFC fulfillment service has been delivering loads for years now. So, they have a great of knowleage in the field.

CFC china fulfillment service understands that stakes are higher when a merchant has to deliver a shipment globally; hence they do their best to provide products for their customers. All in all, you would experience nothing but speed, reliability, safety, and effectiveness with CFC order fulfillment service at zero compromises.

3. Individual custom a variety of China logistics routes

CFC China fulfillment service uses multiple routes to deliver your shipments to China. This is an ingenious and effective way to give all your products efficiently. The technology ensures delays if classes are blocked or traffic is heavy.

Merchants can select a route of their own choice for fulfillment process delivery. There are also all kinds of packages that users  choose from based on their needs. We already mentioned a full customizability option for merchants to select everything as they would like it to be in the fulfillment process. Additionally, you can also set the speed and route of your delivery. The faster delivery options cost more, but if you need more immediate delivery, CFC China order fulfillment service has covered you.

Another  plus point of using a variety of routes is that it allows merchants to continue their services even if there is any political or geological issue that blocks off one pathway. This will enable merchants to keep trading throughout the year.

If you have a smaller shipment that needs to be delivered quickly, you can send it by air through the CFC e-Commerce fulfillment company. This will keep your sales on track without losing money for delayed or missed shipments.

4. Most comprehensive shipping tracking service

We understand that information is super important in trading. You have to learn about your business affairs at all times. You can’t risk being ignorant about your shipments when involving much money.Hence, CFC pick and pack ship services have available the latest and most reliable tracking service. It allows merchants to keep track of the shipment at all times.

CFC order fulfillment service uploads the status of your shipment on their system right after your shipment is picked from your store. Moving on from this point, you will be able to track the exact location of your product in real-time. This comprehensive shipment tracking service removes the need to contact customer care time after time or stay misinformed. Some tracking services only give an estimated time for delivery. However, with CFC’s assistance, you will track shipment all the time and get the notification for some specific delivery points if you choose to.

CFC china fulfillment service offers different types of tracking services. An attentive tracking service will only notify its users if the shipment has made it to a specific point. The more advanced form of tracking service is tracking the product over GPS. If some merchants are still not satisfied, CFC lets the customers get real-time images and status updates of their shipment.

5. Develop customers for your eCommerce


With the help of your CFC fulfillment service, you can also develop a more comprehensive customer pool for your businesses. If you are limited in your sales due to a mediocre shipment service, then the CFC fulfillment service is the ultimate solution to fix that. CFC allows users to ship anywhere, anytime. Due to a broader range and number of options, merchants would only have to worry about keeping the products ready. You can give the other work to CFC China Fulfillment Services.

Suppose your customers ask about the estimated delivery time. In that case, your CFC service will let you share the exact location of the product so that your customers are equally aware of the shipment’s arrival. Moreover, the CFC fulfillment service packaging is also considered the best in class.

Discounted shipment rates and planning of your delivery schedules allow your customers to trust you and make you look reliable.

Chinese buyers would also prefer to buy from you again and again. However, if your fulfillment service fails you, your customer development would take a hit for worse.


CFC china order fulfillment is the best international shipping service for merchants globally. These shipping fulfillment services are the best option available at the most affordable prices. If you wish to read more about the CFC fulfillment process, you can read Make sure to use all the services and tools to get the best shipment experience.