The freight rise hits again


Recently, many countries have detected a new mutant strain of South Africa’s new crown virus-Omicron, these countries include: Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Australia and many other countries and regions.

This time the virus is extremely harmful. Some experts found it through big data modeling and analysis that the infectivity of Omicron was 37.5% higher than that of Delta. But it does not mean that the harm is more serious. The harm of the virus remains to be seen.

Recently, many shipping companies in Southeast Asia have increased freight rates and began to charge various additional fees, such as peak season surcharges, shortage of containers, and congestion surcharges. At the same time, shipping situation to US was also suspended on a large scale due to tight space.

Will the mutation of the virus aggravate this situation? The answer is yes. In order to prevent the invasion of the virus, many countries have stopped many routes, including sea and air transportation. At present, ocean freight offer is increasing due to the shortage of cabinets. Air freight will also stop most air freight routes in the next month December, and air freight prices will rise again.

Air freight prices in November have risen several times due to the peak season. How to bring about increase in the next December? We will see and wait. At the same time, we also remind all customers that they can ship as early under possibility to guarantee the cost.