The Difference of 3PL and Overseas Warehouse

Let us introduce 3PL and overseas warehouse to you all:

3PL stands for the third party on behalf of customers who handle with B2C business to fulfill online orders.  Customers do keep stocks in their warehouse, and let them help deal with all further things. If there is any online orders coming in, 3PL help pick up products according to orders information, label parcels, pack and ship it to end clients. 3PL could assist you solve all fulfillment and shipments issues. Customers could pay more attention to increasing shop’s sales. In normally, 3PL locates China or other countries which has its own rich procurement chain, providing customers more products or business choices.

Overseas warehouse has same function with 3PL. It regularly locates in main marketing countries, in which customers sell products to clients.

The difference for each one:

  1. 3PL could provide free warehouse storage service, low order fulfillment fee. All handling fees are transparent listing for customers. It also offer more shipment options for customers to ship packages to all over the world. 3PL would develop a suitable shipment suggestion according to different customers requests and products. It save you pre-stocking and shipment time to ship bulk packages, and clients would receive parcels as soon as possible.
  2. Overseas warehouse just ship packages to its home country in a short period. It charge more handling fee from customers, and exist lots of potential fees. It takes a long time to prepare products for customers then ship it to overseas warehouse by sea or air. Under this epidemic period, sea and air shipment for bulk products would takes several months.

CFC fulfillment belongs to 3PL, and are dedicated to provide any suitable service to customers !